Enrique Igelsias, Football, TV, Disney, Converse and More on This Week’s Top 15 Growing Facebook Pages

Popular musicians like Enrique Iglesias, football clubs like FC Barcelona, entertainment like “Harry Potter,” and products like Converse made our list of the top 15 growing Facebook Pages this week. We measure the growth of the Pages, which grew from 523,700 and 1.1 million Likes, with our PageData tool.

Top Gainers This Week

1. Sour Patch Kids+1,119,543
2. Enrique Iglesias+793,717
3. Shakira+787,198
4. Disney+750,737
5. Rihanna+683,533
6. Facebook+677,211
7. FC Barcelona+642,773
8. Eminem+618,354
9. YouTube+603,119
10. Harry Potter+585,031
11. Cristiano Ronaldo+565,352
12. Converse+550,777
13. MTV+546,820
14. The Simpsons+530,927
15. Real Madrid C.F.+523,672

At the top of the list was Sour Patch Kids, which added 1.1 million Likes to its 1.7 total. The Page used Questions and smart quips as status updates on the Page.

Musicians then ruled a good chunk of the list. There was Enrique Iglesias, whose 16.3 million total was augmented by 793,700 new Likes this week. His Page has been using Questions, a landing tab features a game with his music and he’s promoting his concerts. Shakira’s Page was also on the list with 787,200 new Likes for her 28 million total; she’s promoting her album and new single. Rihanna’s Page has a total of 31.7 million Likes, having added 683,500 this week, and she’s promoting her tour, singles and music videos. Finally, Eminem’s 618,400 new Likes pushed his total just over 35 million.

Football (soccer) Pages were on our list. There was FC Barcelona with 14 million LIkes, 642,800 of them new this week. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Page with 565,400 new Likes and 25 million total. Finally, there’s Real Madrid C.F. with 12.8 million Likes. Each Page seems to be pushing its growth through landing tabs that openly ask visitors to Like the Page and help spread the word; in Ronaldo’s case, his Nike promotion is also featured.

There were some entertainment Pages. The “Harry Potter” movie Page with 22.3 million Likes added 585,000 this week; the Page has been promoting the final installment of the wildly successful movie series with sweepstakes, interviews and other news. MTV’s Page grew by 546,800 to 20.6 million by promoting its shows and celebrity gossip. Finally, “The Simpsons” grew to 25.5 million by promoting the episodes, adding about 531,000 Likes this week alone.

A few random Pages on the list included Converse shoe company with 550,800 new Likes and a total of 15.6 million. The company is giving away 15 free iTunes downloads to Page visitors. Disney continues to promote its Facebook presence, new and old films and stands at 21.9 million Likes with 750,700 added this week. Facebook’s Page added 677,200 Likes this week to its 39.3 million total by promoting Facebook-related events and YouTube added 603,100 new Likes to its 32.4 million Likes by promoting popular videos.