Report: The Verge, New York Daily News Among Top 10 U.S. Publications on Facebook and Twitter

Despite initial challenges, some traditional print publications have adapted to the new medium and are successfully competing with digital native publishers.

The digital age has disrupted the publishing industry and given rise to new media companies taking advantage of the digital medium. Despite early challenges, quite a few established print publishers have found a way to succeed in the digital world.

Engagement Labs, a social engagement analytics firm, announced its list of top 10 publishers on the web. Engagement Labs gave each publication an eValue score and ranked them their social performance based on social engagement, responsiveness and impact on Facebook and Twitter.

The combined rankings for web and traditional print publishers, according to eValue data are:

Combined Publications


This data indicates that despite a rocky start, some traditional print publishers have adapted to the new medium and are competing successfully with digital publishers.

According to Engagement Labs CEO Bryan Segal:

News is no longer a one stop shop. Digitalization of the media is allowing niche news markets to become real contenders in the online news space. This also shows that even traditional newspaper outlets have become digitally savvy and are able to compete in the digital space.

The rankings for just traditional print publishers are:

Print Publications

The top 10 digital publishers on Facebook and Twitter are:

Digital Publications

Of note, according to Engagement Labs is that the eValue score in the Facebook rankings are higher overall than those in the Twitter ranking. Among the print organizations, the Facebook group scored 9.8 percent higher than the Twitter group on average. Likewise, among the digital-only publications, the Facebook group scored an average of 16 percent higher.

Segal noted that for news organizations, social media has become an integral part of the business model and is not just a marketing channel.

The media disseminates articles through these channels to keep their readers updated on relevant news in real-time and to drive traffic to their site. Digitalization of the media is allowing journalists and news outlets to expand the reach of their content on a global scale.

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