Enfatico CEO: “We Have Transitioned the Work of 850+ Agencies Around the World”

PRWeek and DM News recently sat down for an interview with Torrence Boone, CEO of Enfatico, the agency created by WPP Group to service the $150m global Dell account.

Boone’s thoughts on differentiation:

“One of the core points of differentiation for the agency is the global focus.”

On analytics:

“We have a number of next generation analytics projects that are going on.”

On the continued questions about whether the agency will land another client besides Dell:

“We’re in the throes of a lot of new business development as well.”

While Boone is certainly bullish on the agency’s prospects, not all share his viewpoint. As BNET advertising reporter Jim Edwards reported in late December, Dell has laid off the two biggest supporters of Enfatico in recent months, then CMO Mark Jarvis and VP Marketing Casey Jones. “With Enfatico’s two top client supporters at Dell gone, and a massive cost–utting drive under way at Dell, it is shaping up to be a difficult 2009 for Enfatico,” he said.