Enemies List: WSJ vs. The Daily Kos

Kos vs. WSJ

The sequence of events:
1. The Wall Street Journal outs blogger Markos Moulitsas Zuniga (“The Daily Kos”) as having received payment for consulting services to the Dean campaign.
2. Predictable comparisons to the Armstrong Williams scandal ensue. Rebuttals are offered.
3. Kos strikes back, finds incriminating testimony against WSJ reporters in a Blog for America thread:

Next thing I know there appears in the WSJ an article so sloppy and so inaccurate that I spent the morning trying to track Jeanne [Cummings] down to find out what happened. She called me back at 10:30 a.m.—and actually apologized for the article (written by two colleagues) [Ed.—James Bandler and Bill Bulkeley]. She said that she wouldn’t work with those reporters in the same capacity again, would only give them on-the-record quotes and assured me that she had notified her editors.

Ah, those trusty Internet bulletin boards! Bastions of journalistic integrity!

Mssrs. Bandler and Bulkeley: care to respond?
Advantage: Undecided.
Laura Gross from BFA weighs in on Kos/Dean story [Kos]