Enemies List: Tom Bissell vs. King Wenclas

Enemies List: Wenclas vs. Bissell

ULA honcho Karl Wenclas, who has a long history of barraging Gawker editors with emails and ULA ‘zines (and in my experience, continuing to barrage them once they left Gawker) <a href="http://www.gawker.com/news/media/books/index.php#kings-ransom-030122"emailed today to accuse Believer contributor/McSweeney-ite Tom Bissell of plagiarism. You might think the sequence of events started there. But you would be wrong.

The sequence of events:

1. Bissell slams the ULA and Wenclas in the Believer

2. Wenclas vows revenge (we assume), strikes back, accusing Bissell of plagiarism.

3. Dan Radosh pretty convincingly debunks the plagiarism charge when asked by Wenclas to comment.

Advantage: Bissell, on the facts.