Educating Millennials About World Poverty Through Twitter [VIDEO]

Want to help end poverty in the world? Sure you do, but who knows where to start?

The folks at the #GlobalPOV Project have a few ideas – and they want to share them with you. Take a few minutes to see how you can help, Millennials – the focus here is on you!

The #GlobalPOV Project “combines critical social theory, improvised art and digital media to explore innovative ways of thinking about poverty, inequality and undertaking poverty action.”

The effort is being led by there Cal alumni, “a live-action sketch artist, a social-media proselytizer and a brilliant professor who is also an unapologetic Bono fan,” otherwise known as Artist Abby VanMuijen, International and Area Studies lecturer and digital-media expert Tara Graham and professor of city and regional planning Ananya Roy.

And the online videos they’re creating are intended to help “crystallize the nuanced teachings of Berkeley’s biggest minor, Global Poverty and Practice, offered by the Blum Center for Developing Economies.” The videos are posted online so those outside of the school can benefit (and learn/help) as well.

They’re taking this “mixed-media approach” to reach a generation of socially conscious millennials growing up in a world of online connectivity, engagement and innovation:

  • #GlobalPOV Video Series — A free web video series consisting of 10 micro-lectures that combine social science theory with improvised art and live-action sketch to communicate complex dilemmas and frameworks of thought to the wider public, especially to young Americans eager to take up the cause of poverty action.
  • Encountering Poverty Point-of-View Book — A forthcoming Point-of-View (POV) book will outline and share the core concepts and case studies of the path-breaking undergraduate curriculum of the Global Poverty and Practice (GPP) Minor at UC Berkeley.
  • #GlobalPOV on Twitter — The feed is an open forum in which students, teachers, practitioners and interested members of the public can ask questions, share resources and  engage in public debates about society, economy and politics.

So follow along with them on Twitter using the #GlobalPOV hashtag – and get involved! One of their videos follows, so you can get a feel for how they go:

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