Encyclopaedia Britannica – There’s an App For That

It’s been just over a month since announced the Encyclopaedia Britannica the retirement of the print edition of the venerable publication, and they’ve been busy. The Britannica has just pushed out an update to the iOS app and it includes a small but important addition.

All those libraries who used to buy the print edition are now going to find it easier to use the app. The update makes it possible for institutions to set up accounts and offer access to the 80,000 articles written by thousands of contributors. The content is updated daily and it includes photographs, diagrams, and charts. Late breaking news like the recent passing of Dick Clark is constantly being integrated into existing article in order to provide the most complete and thoroughly fact-checked information source anywhere.

You can find the app in iTunes. It’s free, with a $2 monthly subscription. There’s no similar app for Android, though you can buy the various language editions of Encyclopedia Britannica in Google Play.

Of course, you can also get content of nearly the same quality in one of the many Wikipedia apps, and thise can be found for free in iTunes, Google Play, or elsewhere.


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