Enable Find My iPad To Track An iPad

If you carry your iPad around wherever you go that makes it vulnerable to being lost or stolen. Fortunately, while Apple used include the Find My iPhone service with the $99 per year MobileMe service, they have made it a separate free feature. Because it is free, everyone who owns an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone should enable the service.
Computerworld has a great article that provides step-by-step instructions for setting up the service and it is very easy to set up. In a nutshell, you go into the Mail, Contacts, Calendar settings and add a MobileMe account by providing your Apple ID and password. The Apple ID and password is what you set up to buy things from iTunes. If you don’t subscribe to MobileMe, the settings default to Find My iPad.
After you enable the service, go to www.me.com to confirm that it is working. You log in using your Apple ID and password, and you will see the location of your iPad displayed on a map. In addition to seeing the location of your iPad, you have the ability to lock it, send a message to it. or wipe it. Finally, if you own another iOS device, you can install the free Find My iPhone app that you can use to see the location of your iPad on that device.