Enable A Rooted Nook Color To Watch Video From Hulu

Todd has written in the past about his impressions with the Nook Color that was rooted to run a full version of Android. Even though Barnes and Noble recently released an update to the Nook Color that increased the functionality of the device beyond an eReader, you are still limited to the user interface that Barnes and Noble provides and their app store for the Nook.

Rooting the Nook Color turns a $249 enhanced eReader into a full fledged Android tablet. One of the benchmarks for tablets seems to be the ability to play programming from Hulu. If you are a fan of Hulu, and want to be able to watch it on a tablet, you can do so by following instructions provided by AndroidCentral.com. Before you get started with those instructions, however, you will need to root your Nook Color, if you have not already done so.

The instructions that AndroidCentral.com provides include a video that shows you, step-by-step what to do. The instructions involve downloading an installation file for Adobe’s Flash player that is known to work on the Nook Color, and using Dropbox to get that installation file from your PC to the device so that you can install it. You also need to use the Dolphin HD web browser, which you can install directly on to the rooted Nook Color from the Android Market, to change the user agent string in the browser so that Hulu thinks you are accessing it from a Windows computer.

Finally, the instructions include making changes to the configuration of the Flash player to optimize the video playback so that it is very smooth. From watching the video, it appears that the Nook Color can be a very video player.