Examiner‘s Bedard Wipes Jelly From Lips

It’s National Doughnut Day, or as we like to call it in the Fishbowl, Paul Bedard’s favorite day of the year (or as they call it in New York City, “Half-a-Doughnut Day”). The Washington Examiner columnist is a well-known doughnut enthusiast, often bringing in boxes of doughnuts to the office for his coworkers.

We asked Bedard how he’s celebrating this glorious day. “I am wiping the raspberry jelly off my lips right now,” he said, perhaps oversharing and telling us for the second time that the Dunkin Donuts in Leesburg, Va., “makes the best” doughnuts (we’re starting to think he’s under contract with that branch). “Because it is a national holiday I will also be celebrating with a chocolate glazed from 7-Eleven and a plain glazed from Shoppers Food Warehouse, which makes huge doughnuts,” Bedard said.

This puts Bedard in direct contrast with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg who appeared this morning on NBC’s Today in an interview with Matt Lauer, who wasn’t having any of his two-faced sugar philosophy. Bloomberg said despite his support for a ban on over-sized soft drinks, he’s celebrating Doughnut Day, that women delivered doughnuts to the troops and he thinks it’s a worthy cause. He suggested, however, that people celebrate with just one. (Lauer clearly thought he was full of shit and told him so. Nonetheless they concluded the interview on pleasant terms.)

As a heads up, Krispy Kreme is giving away one free doughnut to each customer. No purchase necessary. But Bedard, who’s rather serious about his doughnuts, warns: “They have to give them out because they suck. I wouldn’t give my dog a [Krispy Kreme] doughnut.”