Daily Caller‘s Feud With Ben Smith Persists

There is still plenty of bad blood between The Daily Caller and websites that employ Ben Smith. We’ve devoted plenty of time to the fights between The Daily Caller and Politico, but it seems that they are turning their attention to Buzzfeed.

The Daily Caller’s Jeff Poor called out Buzzfeed’s McKay Coppins in a piece that took on pundits who blamed the conservative media for losing the election for Mitt Romney. Poor opens his piece by saying, “Only in the delusional world of online journalism, a world saturated with narcissists fueled by Twitter followers and TV appearances, could one come to the following conclusion: The “conservative” media lost Mitt Romney the election. That’s the new theory being advanced by one of this bubble’s occupants, BuzzFeed’s McKay Coppins.” This all stems from this piece from Coppins.

A snappy Coppins reacted to Poor’s story on Twitter, saying…

“Color me shocked that a Daily Caller reporter would write an entire article based on a misreading of my story.” In Poor’s defense, the title of Coppins’ piece was “How the Conservative Media Lost the Election.” So, ahem, you can see how there may be confusion.

Poor responded by mocking Coppins.

So, while this isn’t the nastiest fight we’ve seen this week, you can be sure that Coppins and Poor won’t be exchanging Christmas hams this year.

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