EMS Hinders Rosenbaum Probe

Looks like Colbert I. King‘s two-week crusade to force answers from the D.C. government concerning the treatment of murdered Times reporter David Rosenbaum is having some effect.

“D.C. Fire Chief Adrian H. Thompson said yesterday that he is frustrated by the results of his department’s investigation into how emergency medical workers treated a longtime journalist who was fatally beaten during a robbery two months ago,” Del Quentin Webber wrote
Saturday in an article entitled, “D.C. Fire Chief Has Doubts About Probe.”

“Weeks after publicly saying that emergency workers ‘met all standards of care’ in their response to the Jan. 6 incident, Thompson said yesterday that he no longer has enough information to make such a judgment.

“‘It has been like pulling teeth,’ Thompson said, describing the internal investigation into how workers cared for David E. Rosenbaum, 63, a New York Times reporter.”

What does it say about the D.C. government that the fire chief can’t get answers out of his own department?