Empty Box Awards Getting Kinda Full-Ish

We’re catching up to last week’s unbeige-a-thon, and catching you all up in meantime. The Empty Box Awards, which Steve announced last week, are on, starting today. From the boxes:

Let the “Empties” begin. (All the other awards have a nickname, why not the Intramural Awards of Advertising?) It’s topic day creatives. Since we are the worst awards in advertising, we are going to do things a little differently.

You will not be creating an ad for a specific product, service, or company. Instead, your box (entry) must sell the advertising industry something it needs.

Maybe you want the return of the three martini lunch, or the prolonged death of that quirky, corporate mascot that annoys the creativity out of you, or maybe you simply want more clients who understand when to get out of the way and allow creatives to be, well…creative. That last one’s impossible, we know, but wouldn’t it be heavenly? Whatever you come up with, slap it in a box and email it to us at emptyboxawards@gmail.com. Who will be wearing the crown in March? Stay tuned.

We’re so entering. Teammates, anyone?