Employee Optimism A Mixed Bag

More than one-third of U.S. employees expect a raise in the next year and 65 percent believe they’ll probably get at least part of the bonus they deserve, according to the Q4 Glassdoor.com Employment Confidence Survey.

However, optimism about the job market is tempered with fear: more employees (38 percent) think it is unlikely they’d be able to find a new job in six months than those who said it was likely (33 percent).

Americans think their own jobs are pretty safe, though they worry about their cubemates: 20 percent of workers are concerned they may be laid off in the next six months but 40 percent are concerned that coworkers may get pinkslipped.

“As the rate of job losses slows nationwide, it’s not surprising that employees exhibit more confidence in their future job security and financial outlook, but the challenge will be reconciling employee’s rising expectations of returning to their previous pay level or ability to change jobs with the realities most companies are facing to get back on solid ground,” Rusty Rueff, Glassdoor.com career and workplace expert, said in a statement.