Employee Fired Over Rosenbaum Case

From WUSA:

    DC’s new fire chief, Dennis Rubin, on the job for 2 weeks, is wasting no time establishing his intent to take command of the department and sweep aside long-standing presumptions about how it is run.

    In a dramatic announcement Monday morning, Rubin announced he is discarding the recommendations of an internal adjudication examining the conduct of 5 firefighters-emergency medical technicians and is firing 1 of them and suspending another.

    “The decision that was rendered by the trial board provided a punishment that was simply too lenient,” Rubin told reporters.

    “My responsibility is to bring about wholesale changes, to curtail, if you will, what has been called a culture of indifference,” he said.

    The disciplinary action follows the death in January 2006 of noted New York Times reporter and editor David Rosenbaum, who died after he was beaten by muggers in his Northwest Washington neighborhood.