Emojitracker Displays Every Emoji Being Used On Twitter In Real-Time

Today, in the “useless Twitter information” category: this Emojitracker tool tracks every emoji being used in the Twitterverse, in real-time.

It updates at the speed with which Twitter updates (read: fast) so the site necessarily includes an epilepsy warning:

When you click into the site, you can drill down further into any single emoticon to see live tweets that include it, as well as its relative popularity compared to other emoji.

A project from New York’s Rocket Workshop, Emojitracker was created by Matthew Rothenberg, the former head of product at Flickr and Bitly.

His Twitter bio includes “emoji” as an interest, so evidently this was a passion project.

There’s not much substantive to do with the tracker, but it’s an interesting usage of the Twitter API. If you’re so inclined, you can check out the code on GitHub.

Can you think of anything you’d do with the Emojitracker?

(Emoticons image via Shutterstock.)