Emmy Disses Member–Would Blow-Up Doll Have Helped?


Mary Engels was dissed by the Emmy powers-that-be, according to Ray Richmond. Hey–what a great name for a sit-com! From a TV Guide listing of the unforseen future:

According to Ray–in tonight’s episode, Ray runs afoul of the Cali cartel while trying to finish up his column about Mischa Barton‘s favorite latte recipes and get to his son’s soccer play-offs in time to coach. Merriment ensues when Ray’s ex-girl-friend (guest-star Pamela Anderson) offers to fill in for the hassled dad at the big game.”

FBLA is glad to have gotten that out our system. Anyway, Marty spent a chunk o’ change to get his wife, Oscar-winner Shirley Jones, some smart publicity and she gets a nomination. Long story short: she’s working abroad, can’t get to the Shrine, TV Academy refuses to let Marty pick up the trophy-thingie. Marty shows up with life-size poster of Shirley, with her tickets, is denied admission. TV Academy honcho shrugs shoulders.

What would the Academy have done if he’s shown up in drag, claiming to be Shirley? FBLA thinks Marty should start selling celebrity blow-up dolls. Perfect for all occasions, don’t need to feed ’em, never need re-touching, can’t be less plastic than some of the wonder-babes already on the red carpet.