Emmy Awards–Watched by Dozens

Ray Richmond must have scared Ellen Burstyn away from the red carpet Sunday night, as she didn’t show, nor did she win. We hope he’s happy, sweating in his trailer.
Other non-surprises include The Amazing Race winning in reality, Tony Shaloub for Monk, and 24 for drama. But The Office won for comedy, as did Keifer Sutherland after all these years, and so did audience favorite Mariska Hargitay.

Now for the good stuff:

Tori and Candy Spelling didn’t sit together.

NBC made Conan enact a plane crash scene that was meant to reference Lost, but as 49 people just died in Kentucky, tasteless was a more apt description. Nikki Finke thinks heads should roll.

Jeremy Piven thought he might have to become a fluffer. He’s not attractive enough.

Backstage, Calista Flockhart worried that she’d go ass over tit. Who knew she has either? TMZ is reporting that Tina Fey fell and Helen Mirren said it.

NBC’s 13.1 rating/20 share represents an almost 12 percent drop from last year’s 14.9 rating/22 share on CBS.

The LA Times has a complete list, which isn’t all that interesting, but FBLA loves that Dancing with the Stars, despite 3 nominations for choreography, didn’t win. Makes ya think.

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