Emmerge Mixes Email With Task Management on iOS

Emmerge combines email with to-do lists to help users manage their tasks and collaborate with their contacts.

Emmerge announced the official launch of its iOS application, which combines email with to-do lists to help users manage their tasks and collaborate with their contacts.

With Emmerge, once users connect to their existing email account, the app will organize their inbox into filters. For instance, the app separates mass emails (like newsletters) into a subscriptions mailbox, and it also allows users to sort their view to only unread emails.

The platform also supports tagging, so users can organize content based on specific topics or companies. By default, the platform automatically tags emails based on the sender (so all emails from a single company appear in the same filter, for instance), but users can add their own tags, as well.

In terms of task management, Emmerge allows users to create shared to-do lists with their contacts by highlighting the text of an email and assigning it to someone in the conversation. In addition, the app includes text shortcuts allowing users to create and assign tasks to their contacts while writing an email. Finally, users can manually add tasks to their own to-do list. Items on the to-do list can be customized with specific due dates.

When users are assigned a task, they can track these under the app’s notifications tab. This tab also shows users when their contacts have completed their assigned tasks.

Elsewhere, the Emmerge app tracks the amount of time users spend reading and writing emails on their device, allowing users to track how much time they’ve spent working on a specific project or work account (based on tags).

In a blog post, Marc Blinder, CEO of Emmerge, commented:

Emmerge was designed to improve communication between internal and external teams. We merged collaboration with email to make the work you do everyday easily shareable with those around you. We reduce and consolidate the tools you need to get your job done.

Emmerge is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The platform is also available on the Web.

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