Vanity Fair, IBT Fall for Emma Watson Goof

Post-graduate plans are nothing more than a strand of The Daily Pennsylvanian's latest April Fool's issue.

Problem #1: University of Pennsylvania student newspaper The Daily Pennsylvanian has, for decades now, chosen to release its annual April Fool’s issue way before April 1. So from that straight-up calendar end, there’s no way for folks to be aware that it’s one big annual joke.


Problem #2: On Twitter (and in the unwitting Vanity Fair pick-up), blogger Joanna Robinson uses the term “Updated” when it really should be “Corrected.” Updated would apply if, say, a rep for the school or Watson had confirmed further details of her post-Brown Penn plans. Corrected is the term to use when there was never a chance in Harry Potter hell that this was true.

Problem #3: The name of Watson’s “publicist” in the Daily Pennsylvanian gag item was a dead giveaway. As noted by’s Nick Vadala:

Kingsley Pennyton” is the fakest British name ever conceived. And, not only that, but there’s one primary result for that name in Google — the Daily Pennsylvanian’s article.

According to Vadala, the other major outlet fooled early by the Watson item was the International Business Times AU. Amazingly, the bylined reporter for the student newspaper Watson item, Shoba Babu, is… real.

P.S. The “JOKE ISSUE:” portion of the headline above was added sometime after publication.