Eminem Joins Lady Gaga, Other Musicians and Hits 10 Million Fan Mark

Eminem became the second living musician to hit pass the 10 million fan mark today when his Page grew to 10.2 million Likes. Lady Gaga made headlines across news outlets when she became the first living person to pass 10 million fans on Facebook — just ahead of President Barack Obama — and Eminem is following in her footsteps.

Page Leaderboard – Musician

Name Fans
1. Michael Jackson 18,334,526
2. Lady Gaga 15,399,430
3. Linkin Park 10,311,954
4. Eminem 10,145,246
5. Lil Wayne 9,736,125
6. Justin Bieber 9,236,525
7. Taylor Swift 8,757,821
8. Bob Marley 8,684,514
9. Metallica 7,730,522
10. Rihanna 7,199,322

Eminem’s Page has been on our list of Top 20 Facebook Pages consistently over the past few weeks, most recently he headed the list with a gain of almost a million fans in the span of one week. The Page has been active since 2009, so as we noted, this recent growth was probably mostly because the first hit single from his new album, “Love the Way You Lie” has received radio play and the music video premiered. The video features another Top 20 regular, Megan Fox who has 11.5 million Likes, and popular musician Rihanna, who has 7.2 million Likes on her own Facebook Page.

Because the activity on Eminem’s Page has been pretty limited, only updated once a week if at all at some points, it would seem that most of this growth comes from outside of Facebook. In other words, Eminem’s popularity on the radio and with his music video is driving the growth on his Facebook Page.

For Facebook Pages that see massive fan growth like this, that usually seems to be the case. Take Lady Gaga, President Obama, Michael Jackson and Vin Diesel are also examples here. Although Lady Gaga, with 15.4 million Likes, and President Obama with 12.3 million frequently update their Pages, it’s doubtful that updates about health care reform or music awards are driving this growth. Again, it seems that forces external to Facebook are responsible for growth on these Pages.

This becomes even more clear when you look at Michael Jackson’s and Vin Diesel’s Pages.

Jackson’s Page counts 18.3 million Likes, second only to Texas Hold’em Poker, and Vin Diesel has 13.8 million Likes, hitting the 10 million mark shortly after Lady Gaga did. Michael Jackson isn’t alive, but his Page is frequently on our list of Top 20 Facebook Pages and the updates on the Page are sparse and usually related to merchandise. Vin Diesel, on the other hand, does update the Page once or twice a week, but these updates are mostly attractive pictures of himself and brief information about his current projects; it’s actually been a while since he was in a blockbuster film.

Which is to say, something that’s not Facebook is driving the growth on these Pages.

Despite the particular success of Eminem and others on Facebook, the Pages do have in common several strategies crucial to driving fan growth which are outlined in the Inside Facebook Marketing Bible. Most Pages are regularly active, for example, and post information pertinent to people who would be Liking the Pages in the first place. But ultimately, it seems that good products provide good results — even when it comes to Liking Facebook Pages.