Journalist Busts a Few Ghostbusters Chops

Patriots 28, Steelers 21, Emily Yoshida 0.

VergeGhostbustersThe set visit took place in Weymouth, Mass. Sept. 10, 2015, the same day the New England Patriots opened their season at home in Foxborough against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The embargo lifted yesterday, April 28, and from an inside-entertainment-journalism POV, the report to read is the one posted by The Verge entertainment editor Emily Yoshida.

Overall, Yoshida was underwhelmed by her set visit experience. She makes clear at the beginning that her outlet declined an offer for complimentary accommodation, and later gives a pretty good description of what it feels like to be a part of roundtable interview sessions:

The roundtable interview format is strangely dehumanizing. Rather than establishing a rapport with your subject, the Q&A is reduced to a bunch of Type-As of varying aptitude fighting for time to impress an authority figure. Your questions are not only for the subject, they are for the flock of peers around you, to prove that you can ask more meaningful and effective questions than they can. The subject, meanwhile, will never see you as more than an intrusive leech interrupting their workday with some studio-mandated hullaballoo.

Yoshida goes on to compare the roundtable vibe to the “kiddy table at Thanksgiving” and later deems the media pen at the converted South Weymouth Naval Air Station to be “our weird little losers corner.” We’ve done our fair share of roundtable interviews and it’s definitely a trip to be at the mercy of the personalities and professional approaches of the other participants. Add to that, occasionally, the very unhappy mood of an A-lister or two.

The Verge wound up getting an exclusive on a Ghostbusters trailer, but Yoshida writes she would have preferred some follow-up one-on-one time with either Paul Feig or screenwriter Katie Dippold.

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