Brooklyn Novelist Makes the Most of Stephen King Mix-Up

You’re going to be reading a lot more in the coming days about Emily Schultz, a Canadian author now based in Brooklyn. In the wake of her 2005 novel Joyland being mistaken and purchased last year by many thinking it was a 2013 Stephen King tome of the same name, she decided to do something creative with the resulting monies. She launched a Tumblr that itemizes how she is spending the mix-up bounty.


Her latest King-cuckolded purchases are some IKEA items and a haircut for (we assume) boyfriend Brian. From a blog post by Vancouver Province contributor (and Schultz’s former colleague at Harlequin Books in Toronto) Peter Darbyshire:

Schultz says she hasn’t heard from King, although he’s welcome to comment. “If anything though, I hope my blog would make him laugh,” she says.

Schultz hasn’t revealed how much she earned from the case of mistaken identity, but says it’s in the four figures. She says she’ll reveal the actual number on the blog when it’s all spent. She adds that things seemed to have sorted themselves out now that King’s book has an e-version. “It seemed to fade out this spring when King’s book came out as an e-book, thankfully, but those weird [one-star] Amazon reviews are still there.”

Schultz’s latest novel, The Blondes, is scheduled to be released in the U.S. this fall.