Emily’s Girl Talk – An iPhone Game for Young Women

Emily's Girl TalkHere’s one for the ladies. Well, the little ladies anyway (or just anyone feeling nostalgic). Remember playing those silly prediction games as kids? Games where you pick a name, a number, or a color and it was supposed to tell you important life facts like where you’ll live, who you’ll marry and so on? Apparently, these games are back with a simple iPhone app called Emily’s Girl Talk from indie developer, Broken Thumb Apps.

The game is actually a compilation of four other smaller titles that are essentially digital remakes of games many girls probably played during their childhood: MASH, Lemon, Cootie Catcher, and Love.

Each game, more or less, plays the same way. Seeing as how it’s the first game on the list, MASH is probably the best place to start. All the game really does is take input information and composes it together into an amusing story. Users submit up to five picks for your crushes, cars, cities, jobs, wedding dress colors, and numbers. They can either type it in themselves, choose from a list, or simply touch “Emily’s Picks” for random choices in all. Then, you pick the “magic number” to start making the story, and after a few moments, an amusing tale of your future is displayed regarding who you’ll marry, where you’re honeymoon will be, and what you’ll drive.

StoryAs if that wasn’t amusing enough, the story can then be shared via email, Facebook, or Twitter. In fact, it also gets saved to an in-game journal and can be pulled up again at anytime, which means it can be shared again at anytime too.

As for the other games, Lemon focuses on names, body parts, cities, and things you can do with a lemon to make funny statements such as “Vanessa will heat Luis’s ankle in Budapest.” Cootie Catcher is a virtual version of those paper fortune telling toys that will answer a yes or no question based on what numbers and colors (typically written on the toy itself) are picked. And Love is a simple mini-game that asks for your name and your crush’s name and “calculates” your percent chance for love.

StickersVisually, the game fits very well with its target demographic of young girls. It’s full of overly cute drawings saturated in an almost storybook color scheme (not to mention the palette is mostly pinks, violets, and soft yellows). To further the appeal to this audience, Emily’s Girl Talk even allows users to earn stickers (sort of like trophies) just by playing the game.

Frankly, for what it is, and for those it is made for, Emily’s Girl Talk is a great app to have at only $0.99. A lot more has been spent on a lot less. That said, however, it doesn’t come very recommended for girls that have nosy little brothers, as unlike a diary, this app doesn’t have a lock.