House Beautiful Giveaway: Free Green Chairs

Forget about winning the morning, listening to your editors, attending a hearing or any other typically serious Washington obligations you might have. Clear your Wednesday and Thursday morning schedules because there’s a bizarre contest coming to town that could rightfully steal you away from work.

Namely free green chairs.

House Beautiful Magazine is hosting a presser on Capitol Hill on Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. with Sen. Kay Hagan (D-N.C.) and the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Newell Turner to tout the importance of buying American-made furniture. Hagan’s district is furniture rich. Turner will discuss a new survey commissioned by the magazine with interesting findings: Americans say they prefer American-made furniture, but when it comes down to it they buy foreign.

But way more importantly than that event is the free green chairs they plan to dot around town on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. To be exact, there will be 19 gorgeous chairs in varying styles and fabrics. First person to find it wins the chair. Are we the only ones excited about going on a treasure hunt for a green chair? And we don’t mean crappy environmentally green — we mean actual green-hued chairs.

And trust us, they’re not ugly. Don’t get yourselves fired, but happy hunting!

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Follow @HouseBeautiful on twitter and Facebook for hints about where the chairs will be placed. The chairs will be situated in “iconic locations” around Washington.

More information can be found here.