Emerging Top Paid iOS Apps: P90X, Gangstar Rio and EPOCH

This week on the paid charts new releases were the dominant force, thanks to high profile debuts from Gameloft, Pixbits and Uppercut Games. However, unlike previous weeks where the offerings have been heavy on games and light on anything else, this week seldom the seen cooking and fitness genres also found representation on the charts, jostling for position against several older apps that extended their shelf life with new content and limited time sales.

New Titles on the Top iPhone Paid Apps List

Scribblenauts Remix – This week’s new #1 paid app is Scribblenauts Remix, the iOS version of Seattle-based 5th Cell’s popular series of games for the Nintendo DS. Back on the charts after going on sale for $0.99, Scribblenauts is a unique puzzle game that challenges players to find the most inventive way possible to solve a puzzle, using their imagination to create almost any creature or object that springs to mind. Our full review of the game can be found here.

Photogene2 for iPhone – In the #6 spot this week is Photogene2 for iPhone, a photo management tool that allows users to export batches of photos off their phone and into Flickr, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, email or even an FTP server. The app also includes a photo editor, a built in camera and even a collage maker. Photogene2 for iPhone was developed by Omer Shoor, aka independent development studio Mobile Pond and is on sale for $0.99 until November 17th.

Blueprint 3D – Next up is German developer FDG Entertainment’s new puzzle game Blueprint 3D, a unique game that challenges players uncover a hidden picture by rotating a field of seemingly unrelated lines and dots until the solution literally materializes before their eyes. While the game is only single player, it does support some basic social elements in the form of global leaderboards and Game Centre achievements. #15 ranked Blueprint 3D is $0.99 and also monetizes through in-app solution purchases.

P90X – Moving all the way down to the #36 position is Beachbody’s official P90X app, a health and fitness tool that helps people who are on the P90X program keep track of their workouts, goals and nutrition. In a nod to gaming mechanics, the app also awards users with achievements, which can be shared via Twitter, Facebook, email or Game Centre. The app is $4.99, but users only get two basic workouts for that price – anything more requires extra $6.99 in-app purchases, or a $59.99 purchase for the entire program. P90X was released on November 8th.

Junk Jack – Last up on the iPhone charts this week is the #47 ranked Junk Jack. Developed by two-man studio Pixbits, Junk Jack is an admitted homage to the ultra-popular open world game Minecraft. The $2.99 game copies pretty much all of Minecraft’s gameplay ideas, but adds a new social mechanics that allows players to take pictures if their in-game creations and share them via text, Twitter and email. Our full review of Junk Jack can be read here.

New Titles on the Top iPad Paid Apps List

Contre Jour HD – First up on the iPad charts at #9 is yet another puzzle game, Contre Jour HD. The game is an esoteric title that put players into a strange world where they must manipulate light and darkness, changing the landscape of the entire world in order to help a mysterious creature named Petit to safety.  Developed by websiteless indie dev Mokus but published by Chillingo, Contre Jour is an older game, but was updated on November 3rd with 20 news levels. It costs $0.99 and was originally released on August 25th.

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints – The #17 paid iPad app is Gameloft’s Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. Set in Rio de Janeiro,the game is a sandbox crime simulator that takes a lot of influence from Grand Theft Auto. In Gangstar Rio, players explore full a 3D city modeled after the real Rio, moving between five distinct neighborhoods as they kill corrupt politicians, protect witnesses, steal cars, dodge the police and generally reek havoc in the name of criminal good fun. Gangstar Rio: City of Saints was  released on November 10th and costs $6.99.

iCookbook – Moving down to the #24 spot is a genre not seen often on the iOS charts – cooking. iCookbook is a cooking a recipe app with the smart feature of voice activated controls, allowing cooks to follow recipes without having to touch the screen of their iPads. The app comes with more than 2000 recipes and new ones are added every month at no additional charge, but users can also add speciality themed recipe packs for between $0.99 and $2.99 through in-app purchases.  iCookbook is currently on sale for $4.99 and was developed by Publications International. It was updated on November 9th to add iOS 5 support and user ratings.

Doodlecast for Kids – Educational app Doodlecast for Kids is this week’s #31 paid app.    Developed by Canadian studio zinc Roe design, Doodlecast is designed for ages 3 and up. The app gives children a little inspiration to get their creative juices flowing in the form of pre-programmed 20 drawing prompts and once the child starts drawing, the app records the child’s actions and voice, creating a video that plays back the art process and can be exported from the app. Doodlecast for Kids was released on November 10th and costs $0.99.

EPOCH. – Closing up this week’s roundup is #40 ranked EPOCH. Developed by former Irrational Australia staffers Ryan Lancaster, Ed Orman and Andrew James, who now work as Uppercut Games, EPOCH is a stylish third person shooter set in an apocalyptic future where only robots survive. Featuring top-notch graphics thanks to Epic’s UnrealEngine and an intuitive swipe control system, EPOCH has racked up many rave reviews since its release on November 10th. The game costs $5.99 and is a universal app for both the iPhone and iPad.