Emerging top paid iOS apps: Board games and sales

The first paid app chart of 2012 didn’t look substantially different from the last paid app chart of 2011, thanks to EA’s across-the-board $0.99 app sale. That said, EA was just one of many developers offering limited time holiday sales to take advantage of a busy week for downloads. With the exception of Rovio’s Angry Birds and EA’s Tetris, every single paid app on this week’s charts is on sale.

This Week’s Top Paid iPhone Apps

[Update] Angry Birds – The first No.1 paid app of 2012 is Rovio’s Angry Birds — a perennial favorite that has seen a popularity boost over the busy downloads week between Christmas and New Years. Unlike most apps, Angry Birds isn’t on sale and costs $0.99. Rovio updated the app on December 11th with 15 new birthday themed levels and the new Orange Bird.

[Update] Camera+ – Tap tap tap’s Camera+ climbs back into the top 10 with a well timed sale that dropped the price of the popular photography app to $0.99. The utility allows users to take photos and apply a variety of filters, effects and improvements to the pictures after they’ve been taken, producing results that mimic a DSLR type camera. The app is currently the No.5 paid iPhone app.

[Update] Tetris – EA’s updated subscription-based version of Tetris claims the No.13 spot this week. The $0.99 game includes classic Tetris, the multi-level Tetris Galaxy Mode, and the endless Marathon Mode. Players can also purchase premium currency called T-Coins to help them. The game doesn’t include support for Open Feint or Game Center, but players can track their scores and challenge their friends through EA’s social gaming network Origin.

[Update] Scribblenauts Remix – The popular DS to iOS game Scribblenauts Remix begins the year in the #22 spot after going on sale for $0.99. Developed by 5th Cell and ported to iOS by Iron Galaxy Studios, the game was updated on December 8th with holiday themed content and support for iPhone 4S voice controls.

Grid Lens – Last but not least, Bucket Lab’s brand new photography app Grid Lens closes out the paid iPhone charts in the No.45 spot. On sale for $0.99 to take advantage of the holiday weekend, the app allows users to create comic book style layouts from multiple photos. Users can customize the size and shape of the grids, apply filters and share images via Twitter and Facebook.

This Week’s Top Paid iPad Apps

[Update] Monopoly for iPad – Just like last week, EA owned the paid iPad charts between Christmas and New Years with its holiday sale. Consumers have clearly taken advantage of the sale, which dropped all of EA’s games — including iPad apps, which are typically more expensive than iPhone apps — down to $0.99. The No.1 paid app this week is Monopoly for iPad, a digital update of the classic board game that allows players to gather around one iPad or compete on their own iPads via local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Scrabble for iPad – Board games were the dominant genre this week on the iPad as consumers looked to download something to play with family over the holidays. EA’s Scrabble is this week’s No.3 app. Like everything else from EA, the app has been discounted to $0.99 and was updated on December 22 to add Game Center leaderboards, updated dictionaries and better Facebook integration.

Battleship for iPad – EA claims yet another spot on the iPad charts this week with another board game, Battleship. On sale for $0.99, the iPad version of the game spices up the classic gameplay with additional single player modes like Salvo Mode and Super Weapons Mode and the ability to level up. Battleship is currently the No.17 paid iPad app.

Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 HD – Sega’s latest Sonic game for iOS, Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 may be  an all new Sonic game but, the gameplay and graphics are a throwback to the classic Sonic games of the Sega Genesis era. The first chapter of the episodic game was released on December 21 and costs $1.99 thanks to Sega’s holiday sale.

The Night Sky – Birmingham-based iCandi AppsThe Night Sky closes out the paid iPad charts in the No.45 spot. On sale for $0.99 (a 75 percent discount), the app uses location data and a devices’ GPS compass to determine and display constellations, planets and satellites visible to the naked eye. The Night Sky was last updated on December 18.