Emerging Top-Grossing iOS Apps: Tap Petshop, Trade Nations’ Update & More

The top grossing iOS charts are brimming with new life this week as several new and recently updated titles rise up the charts. Of the types of apps growing this week, it was the free-to-play business model, supported by in-app virtual currency and item purchases, that continued to dominate, especially on the iPhone. That said, several previously highlighted navigation applications like NAVIGON and TomTom rose up again due to sales.

New Titles Within Top Grossing iPhone Apps List

Tap Petshop — San Francisco-based Pocket Gems isn’t even two years old but between its top grossing titles of Tap Zoo and Tap Pet Hotel. That number is now getting higher as Tap Petshop is added to the list, ranking in at #2 (#6 on iPad). The game follows the same design thread as the predecessor’s allowing users to build and manage their own personalized pet shop. Additionally, the August 16th-released game monetizes through the sale of virtual currency and earnable in-game currency.

Trade Nations — The #11 spot marks a return to the top grossing iPhone apps list for Trade Nations. The game is a social, virtual space title, where users create and manage their own medieval nation. That in mind, the re-emergence of the game is due to a significant content update on August 19th. The 3.3 update provides users with higher gold and experience caps, faster working characters, and a slew of new items and decor of the Asian variety. Trade Nations is credited to Z2Live, a Seattle-based developer of free-to-play games and scored a second round of funding back in March. Trade Nations monetizes through in-app purchases and is ranked #21 on iPad.

Haypi Kingdom — Another older game is rising this week in the form of Haypi Kingdom. Ranked at #23, the game is a massively multiplayer strategy and resource management style of game in which players, in a medieval realm, build up armies and cities for their expanding kingdom; competing against other players along the way. Though it’s last update was August 3rd, the likely reason for its recent growth is due to a limited time offer that is granting newly registered players 30 free coins (virtual currency) and free virtual goods. The noted developer is mobile games outfit, Haypi Co., which recently signed a deal to bring games to DeNA’s Mobage platform on Android Market.

Valor — Yet another free-to-play title is added to today’s list. Valor was last updated August 17th, and is another Evony-style, massively multiplayer strategy game in which players build up a medieval empire and armies to protect and expand it. As a freemium game, it monetizes through in-app purchases ranging from $4.99 to $99.99. It is credited to PlayMesh, a 2008 founded mobile games developer. PlayMesh also currently hosts 20 applications on iOS. Valor is currently #28 on the top grossing iPhone apps list.

Ninja Fishing — Next up is the #29 app, Ninja Fishing. Previously a top paid application, Ninja Fishing is a game where users control the portly ninja Otoro and try to navigate a fishing hook as deep into the water as possible, avoiding fish, for as long as possible, through tilt controls. Once a fish is hit, players tilt back and forth to snag as many as they can on the way up then slash them Fruit Ninja-style to catch them. The game currently costs $0.99 and is developed by the San Francisco-based company of Gamenaughts, a studio for games of mobile, social, and PC variety.

New Titles Within Top Grossing iPad Apps List

Eternity Warriors — Glu Mobile is finally breaching the top grossing list with its fantasy rendition of Gun Bros, Eternity Warriors. In at #11, the game puts players into the world of Northern Udar as they work with friends to combat the coming of a powerful demon in hack-and-slash style play. The title was last updated August 11th with new content such as rewards, armor, quests, and a new “Arena Mode” that allows for the earning of even more rewards. Like most Glu games, Eternity Warriors is free-to-play, monetizing through the sale of virtual currency. It is a method that has worked well, for publicly traded company reported a rise in smartphone revenue, year-over-year, to $9.42 million (58 percent).