Emerging Top-Grossing iOS Apps: Social Games, PC Ports & Writing Apps Grow

Recent weeks have been slow in terms of new top grossing iOS applications. This week, half of the highlighted titles are new releases with many of them appearing on yesterday’s top paid list.

New Titles Within Top Grossing iPhone Apps List

Crime City — Back in May, San Francisco-based social games developer Funzio announced a $20 million series A round of funding to be used for cross-platform game development. In at #8 is the fruit of that round, the free-to-play social game of Crime City. The isometric game is a role-playing title in which players work their way up from a street thug to a mob boss, performing jobs, recruiting friends, and building out their own virtual space. Crime City monetizes through the in-app sale of both earnable in-game and virtual currency in quantities ranging from $4.99 to $99.99. The new iPhone game was released August 10th. Its Facebook counterpart also hosts nearly 5 million monthly active users and about 426,000 daily active users.

Cover Orange — Cover Orange is not a new game, but was recently updated on August 2nd and ranks in at #33. The title is a puzzle game in which players must use physics-enabled objects to protect a civilization of oranges from encroaching toxic rain. Featured on the top free iPhone app charts before, the game now costs $0.99, but further monetizes through the sale of virtual items. One such item is a “Helmet,” a feature added in the last update to prevent players from getting stuck on harder levels, that protects oranges from the toxic rain. The game is published by FDG Entertainment, a Munich-based games studio with titles iOS, Xbox Live, Mac, and WiiWare. The 10-year-old company also recently won two International Mobile Gaming Awards.

Lock My Phone – Security Software — The #38 application is one of yesterday’s top paid titles for iPhone, Lock My Phone – Security Software. Costing $0.99, the August-6th released title is a fake piece of security that disguises one’s iPhone lock screen as being “secure” through the use of faux numeric passcodes, fingerprint scanners, and optical scanners. That said, the app provides no real security. Its misleading title is likely what has lead to its growth, with users only realizing, after the purchase, that it is not real security software. Its creator is noted as Wizar LLC., but while this seemingly new developer hosts three other iOS apps (all released August 6th), no further information is available.

帝國 Online — 帝國 Online is the original Chinese version of Empire Online from Hong Kong-based developer Lakoo (Lakoo is a large mobile games developer founded in 1999). The #39 app is a freemium, massively multiplayer online game in which players customize their own character and perform quests for parodies of pop-culture icons from games and anime; partnering with other players along the way. 帝國 Online monetizes through the sale of virtual currency and was last updated August 15th.

Mega Mall Story — Falling in at #51 is another new game, released August 9th, Mega Mall Story. The $3.99 game is a business management-style of app, hosting a retro visual style, in which players construct the largest and most profitable mega mall that they can imagine. Mega Mall Story is credited to Japanese developer Kairosoft who has breached the top paid list before with Pocket Academy.

New Titles Within Top Grossing iPad Apps List

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD — The new highlights for iPad begin at #20 today with the newly released (August 11th) game, Anomaly Warzone Earth HD. Featured on yesterday’s top paid iPad app list, the title is an iOS release of the popular PC and Mac versions available through platforms such as Steam. Anomaly is a futuristic tower defense, strategy game in which players take on the role of the attacker and attempt to navigate through alien tower defenses. Priced at $3.99, the game is developed by 15-year-old Polish developer, 11 bit studios. The game is also published by EA division, Chillingo