Emerging top grossing iOS apps: Slotomania, Castle Age HD and Kingdoms of Camelot

This week’s top grossing charts are lead by Caesars’ owned Playtika, which sees its game Slotomania hit No. 1 on the iPhone and No. 5 on the iPad charts. The company’s iPad version of the free-to-play casino game leads the iPad charts in the No. 1 spot as well. Slotomania has been a constant fixture in the top 10 of the top grossing iOS charts for the past month.

Meanwhile Zynga’s Draw Something slips to No. 5 on the top grossing iPhone app charts and falls out of our top grossing iPad charts for the first time since its release as the game’s popularity begins to wane. Kabam meanwhile continues to do well with its first mobile game. Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North climbs from No. 4 last week to No. 2 this week. Phoenix Age’s Castle Age HD also rises this week, climbing four spots to hit No. 17 on the top grossing iPhone app charts.

This week’s top grossing  iPhone apps

2.Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North_2▼1
4.Poker by Zynga4=
5.Draw Something by OMGPOP5=
6.Design This Home6=
7.Angry Birds Space7=
8.Bejeweled Blitz8▲10
9.Ugly Meter™9▼1
10.XPandora Radio10▲3
11.Card Ace: Casino11▲4
12.Deer Hunter Reloaded12▲2
13.MLB.com At Bat13▼1
14.Flick Home Run !14▼3
15.Minecraft – Pocket Edition15▼5
16.Tap Paradise Cove16▲4
17.Castle Age HD17▲4
18.Texas Poker18▼1
20.Kick the Buddy: Second Kick20▲2
21.MotionX GPS Drive21▲3
22.Modern War22▼6
23.iMob 223▲5
24.Kingdom Age24▲1
25.Crime City25▼16

This week’s top grossing iPad apps

1.Slotomania HD1=
2.Quickoffice Pro HD – edit office documents_2▲1
6.Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North6▼1
7.Poker by Zynga7▲1
8.Angry Birds Space HD8▲1
10.XNYTimes for iPad10▲13
11.ForeFlight Mobile Aviation Weather11▲2
13.Kingdom Age13▲1
14.The Daily14▲1
15.Bejeweled Blitz15▲15
17.Deer Hunter Reloaded17▼1
18.Modern War18▼12
19.Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure19▼8
21.Card Ace: Casino HD21▲5
22.MLB.com At Bat22▼4
23.Marvel Comics23▼2
24.Smurfs’ Village24▼2
25.The Tribez HD25▲7


All data in this post comes from AppData, our traffic tracking service for iOS and Facebook apps.