Emerging top grossing iOS Apps: MLB at Bat, Turbo Tax and iMobsters

Uncharacteristically, non-game apps top both the iPhone and iPad top grossing app charts this week. On the iPhone, Major League Baseball’s MLB At Bat takes the top spot for the second week in a row. On the iPad, TurboTax 2011 Tax Preparation vaults to the No. 1 position as the U.S. tax deadline looms.

Angry Birds Space takes No. 3 on both charts, and while Zynga’s Draw Something by OMGPOP remains strong on the iPhone at No. 2, it continues to slide on the iPad, dipping to No. 14.

By far the week’s biggest gainer is Storm8’s iMobsters, which climbs an impressive 80 positions to rise to No. 10 on the top grossing iPhone charts. The free-to-play mafia-themed game has been surging up and down the top grossing charts for the past month, but has not been updated since Jan. 19.

This week’s top grossing  iPhone apps

1.MLB.com At Bat1=
2.Draw Something by OMGPOP2▲2
3.Angry Birds Space3=
6.Poker by Zynga6▼1
7.Galaxy Empire7▼1
8.Texas Poker8▼1
9.Bejeweled Blitz9▲7
11.Minecraft – Pocket Edition11▼3
12.Tiny Monsters™12▼2
13.Pandora Radio13=
14.Draw Something Free14▼2
15.World War™15▲36
16.Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the NorthX16▼2
17.Modern War17▲11
18.Card Ace: Casino18▼3
19.iMob 219▲10
20.Scramble With Friends20=
21.Clear Vision (17+)21▼4
22.Infinity Blade22▼4
23.Tap Paradise Cove23▼2
25.Infinity Blade II25▼6

This week’s top grossing iPad apps

1.TurboTax 2011 Tax Preparation1=
2.MLB.com At Bat2=
3.Angry Birds Space HD3=
7.Quickoffice Pro HD – 7▼1
8.Poker by Zynga8▼3
9.Modern War9▲8
10.XThe Daily10▼1
11.The Tribez HD11=
12.Slotomania HD12▼2
13.Bejeweled Blitz13▲13
14.Draw Something by OMGPOP14▼1
16.Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure16▼9
18.NYTimes for iPad18=
19.Paper by FiftyThree19▼4
20.New York Post20▲18
21.Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the NorthX21▲1
23.The Sims™ FreePlay23▼4
25.ForeFlight Mobile Aviation Weather25▲5

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData.