Emerging Top-Grossing iOS Apps: Feed Me Oil, X-Men, Adventure Games, & More

New entrants on iOS’ top grossing list are a bit few and far between this week. While many of the top paid iPhone apps reappeared today, it required reaching beyond the top 30 to find high-earning titles that were even remotely new.

New Titles Within Top Grossing iPhone Apps List

Feed Me OilFeed Me Oil — The #3 top grossing iPhone application (#50 on iPad) is Feed Me Oil. The $0.99 title is a physics puzzle app in which users must guide a flow of oil into the mouth of a giant creature through the use of various objects such as fans, magnets, platforms, and so on. The game is developed by a trio of individuals from small developer, Holy Water Games, but is published by U.K.-based Chillingo, an independent mobile games developer and publisher and who is division of Electronic Arts. The game was released June 2nd, and is now currently #1 on the top paid iPhone apps list.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 — Moving all the way down to #32 is Battlefield: Bad Company 2 from mega-developer and publisher Electronic Arts and Barecelona-based mobile developer Digital Legends. The $2.99 military first-person shooter has been on the top paid lists before due to sales (as well as yesterday’s), but this time it rises due to a June 2nd update that improves its multiplayer content. Not only is multiplayer matchmaking faster, now synchronous battles support up to 10 players. The game is also ranked at #39 on the top grossing iPad apps list.

PhotoForge2PhotoForge2 — PhotoForge2 is an older application that was last updated May 27th and ranks in at #36 this week. A photo-editing app, PhotoForge2 grants users over 25 different filters, various camera lenses, flashes, sharing capabilities, and editable layers. Additionally, the recent update holds a number of bug fixes as well a increased filter rendering speed, new filters, and usability improvements. The application is created by Canadian iOS developer, GhostBird Software. Aside from a pair of games, most of their iOS titles are photography apps.

Paper Glider Crazy Copter — Taking the #37 spot is a relatively new free-to-play game by the name of Paper Glider Crazy Copter. Developed by U.K.-based and iOS focused game maker, Neon Play, the game is a simple side-scrolling title in which users must navigate a tiny helicopter through ever increasingly difficult obstacles and monetizes via in-app purchases for virtual currency, unlocking bonus content, or skipping levels.

X-Men — X-Men is an iOS remake of the 1992 arcade game from Japanese core games developer and publisher Konami. Ranked yesterday at #24 on the top paid iPhone apps list, it comes in today at #38 for the top grossing list (#28 for iPad). The game is a side-scrolling “beat ’em up” game where players fight through hordes of enemies in order to stop Magneto. Additionally, the new iOS version supports up to four players, simultaneously, via Wi-Fi. Beyond nostalgia, the game also has risen due to its June 2nd release; a day before the new film, X-Men: First Class.

New Titles Within Top Grossing iPad Apps List

AtlantisCall of Atlantis HD — Aside from noted iPhone apps that have risen on iPad as well (e.g. X-Men), Call of Atlantis HD is the newest, and highest ranking app this week at #15. The app is an adventure style of game that brings in casual gaming concepts such as match-three and hidden object puzzles as players travel about the ancient cities of Rome, Greece, Troy, and so on, to acquire seven crystals of power. Currently free-to-download, the game monetizes through an in-app, full version unlock for $4.99 (which is 30% off). The medium-sized Russian company is developed by Playrix, a casual, mobile, and social games developer founded by a pair of brothers back in 2004. Call of Atlantis HD was released May 26th.