Emerging Top Grossing Apps: Tap Zoo 2, Chrono Trigger & Six Guns

Paid apps continued to fight back against the dominance of free-to-play this week, with paid offerings from Square Enix, Activision and Chair Entertainment all doing well on the iPhone charts despite price tags on the upper end of app prices. New titles performed strongly on the iPad charts this week with debuts from Gameloft, BolderImage and Big Fish Games all doing well upon release.

New Titles on the iPhone Top Grossing Apps List

[Update] Infinity Blade – Infinity Blade II looks set to repeat the success of its predecessor, holding the #1 spot on the top grossing iPhone charts for the second week in a row – an achievement for a paid app with a relatively high $6.99 price point.  The game was developed by Utah-based Chair Entertainment and Epic Games. Our full review of the game can be read here.

[Update] Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies – Activision’s popular Call of Duty franchise hasn’t had any trouble translating its console success to iOS. The latest iOS game to bear the Call of Duty Name is Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies. Currently the #9 top grossing app, the game allows up to four players to work together to defend a stronghold from increasingly difficult waves of undead invaders.  Read our full review of the game here. The game was last updated on December 11th and costs $6.99.

Chrono Trigger – Square Enix’s long awaited iOS port of the classic Super Nintendo RPG Chrono Trigger makes a strong debut in the #21 spot on the top grossing apps chart. Priced at $9.99, this version of Chrono Trigger is closer to the DS port than the Super Nintendo original, and features extra areas from the DS version of the game. Chrono Trigger uses combination of touch, slide and tap gestures in the turn-based battle system.

Tap Zoo 2: World Tour – Pocket Gems’ brand new Tap Zoo 2: World Tour makes a decent debut in the iPhone top grossing charts in the #22 position this week. Boasting higher production values and more features than the original, Tap Zoo 2 gives players 40 new animals to collect and now allows players to breed three different kinds of animals together for more variety. The game is free to play and monetizes via in-app purchases.

[Update] Snoopy’s Street Fair – Capcom’s Beeline Unit is back on our iPhone top grossing charts with its #33 ranked app, Snoopy’s Street Fair. Updated on December 9th with special Christmas themed content, players can now see Snoopy in a Santa costume, clear snowdrifts from the street and decorate their fair with a Christmas Tree and Christmas decorations – all of which require premium currency to purchase.

New Titles on the iPad Top Grossing Apps List

[Update] DragonVale – Backflip Studios’ hit DragonVale once again tops the iPad top grossing charts, sitting firmly this week in the #3 position. The animal care sim was updated on December 2nd with some new content and a holiday themed Rudolph dragon. Other updates raised the level cap, added new Dragon Shrines and a special island just for breeding dragons to the game. DragonVale is free-to-play and monetizes through in-app purchases.

iDashboard – Next up we move all the way down to the #27 spot and find Chicago-based developer BolderImage’s brand new app iDashboard. The app is a utility that allows users to customize their lockscreen and display the weather, iCal, Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds and play music while their iPad is charging. iDashboard is $1.99 and was released on December 9th.

Patchworkz – HD – This week’s #33 top grossing iPad app is Patchworkz – HD, a casual puzzle game that challenges players to put together designs that appear to be made of wood, fabric, stone, metal and glass. As with all Big Fish Games’ offerings, the app is free but the whole game must be unlocked via an in-app purchase. The full version of Patchworkz – HD costs $4.99 and has 150 puzzles spread across 17 puzzle packs.

Six Guns – Gameloft takes on the wild west with its new game, #38 ranked Six Guns. An open world sandbox game that brings Red Dead Redemption to mind, Six Guns is set in the frontiers of Arizona and Oregon and follows the story of outlawed hero Buck Crosshaw, who must fight bandits, corrupt lawmakers and even vampires to redeem his name. Six Guns is free-to-play and monetizes through in-app purchases. It was released on December 8th.

SCRABBLE for iPad – Electronic Arts closes out the top grossing charts this week with Scrabble for iPad in the #46 spot. Pushed up the rankings by a limited time sale (the price has since returned to the standard $9.99), Scrabble for iPad allows players to challenge their Facebook friends and keep up to 25 online games on the go at once, play on a local network with multiple iPads or play with three other people through EA’s Pass N’ Play system. EA last updated the app on April 29th.