Emerging Top Grossing Apps: Dream Zoo, Holiday Hotel and Modern War

Paid apps sneak onto the top grossing charts this week thanks to high profile paid releases from Chair Entertainment, Activision and inXile Entertainment. While games reigned supreme as they usually do, the New York Post marked the return of newspapers and magazines to the iPad top grossing charts.

New Titles on the iPhone Top Grossing Apps List

Infinity Blade II – After appearing on our list of top paid apps yesterday it’s not surprising to see Infinity Blade II on the top grossing apps list today. Taking the #1 spot on both iPhone and iPad this week, Chair Entertainment’s Infinity Blade II follows the story of Siris after the defeat of the God King and challenges the player with three new combat styles. As with the first Infinity Blade, the game is a $6.99 paid app, but also supports in-app purchases.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies – Another visitor from the top paid apps list, #3 ranked Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies is Activision’s blockbuster title Call of Duty: Black Ops, adapted for iOS. The game features voice chat, four player co-op mode, a Dead-Ops Arcade mode and Game Center leaderboards support. Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies costs $6.99.

[Update] Dream Zoo – When we wrote about Zynga’s Dream Zoo less than two weeks ago, the title had been soft-launched and was sitting at #753 on the top grossing apps chart. This week Dream Zoo is the #5 top grossing app. While the game is yet another entry in the crowded zoo genre, Zynga adds some new mechanics to spice up some well established gameplay tropes: animals can move within a player’s zoo, offspring will show different coats and colors to their parents and the game features location based content that is unlocked by playing in certain places. Dream Zoo is free to play and monetizes through in-app purchases.

Modern War – Funzio’s Modern War is this week’s #9 top grossing app. Released on November 30th, the game is a multiplayer strategy title with gameplay similar to Funzio’s Crime City and has a heavy focus on social gaming mechanics, as players can invite others to the game to make their alliances stronger and can battle other players in real time. Modern War allows players to fight for the US, Russia, the UK, Germany, China or Iran. The game is free to play and monetizes through in-app purchases.

Holiday Hotel – Finally moving all the way down to the #50 spot is Pocket Gem’s brand-new holiday themed Tap Pet Hotel spin-off Holiday Hotel. Monetizing through in-app purchases of coins and sweets, the game tasks players with creating a Christmas themed hotel for a variety of animals and magic creatures. Each new room unlocks a new pet and there are 40 in all to collect. Holiday Hotel was released on December 2nd.

New Titles on the iPad Top Grossing Apps List

[Update] New York Post – After a short lull magazines and newspapers are appearing again on the top grossing apps chart. New York’s tabloid newspaper, the New York Post, grabs the #6 spot on the iPad charts this week. Unlike most other newspaper and magazine apps, the New York Post’s app is not free – it must be purchased for $1.99 but it comes with an introductory one month subscription. After 30 days reader must purchase a subscription – one month is 9.99, six months is $54.99 and one year is $99.99. The app was last updated on November 22nd.

[Update] Slotomania – Playtika’s Slotomania continues to perform well on iOS after migrating to the platform from Facebook and the Russian social networks Mail.ru and Vkontakte. This week’s #21 top grossing app, Slotomania is a cartoony slot game with social elements, encouraging players to recruit their their friends by sending them gifts, free coins and spins. Slotomania was updated on November 30th.

The Bard’s Tale – Gaming history comes to iOS with inXile Entertainment’s The Bard’s Tale. While the iOS port is a spiritual successor to the 1980s classic, it is actually new version of inXile’s 2004 version of the title. The game itself is a 3D RPG spiced up with considerable amounts of tongue-in-cheek humor. The Bard’s Tale was released on December 1st and is the #23 top grossing app. The game costs $5.99 and also supports microtransactions.

Haunted Legends: The Queen of Spades Collector’s Edition HD – After a brief arcade style diversion with Piggly Christmas Edition, Seattle’s Big Fish Games is back on the charts with what they do best, a hidden object adventure game. Currently the #24 top grossing iPad app, Haunted Legends: The Queen of Spades challenges the player to help the French authorities explore a mysterious mansion after both a young woman and a police Lieutenant disappear inside it. Haunted Legends is free to play and download, but the whole game must be unlocked via in-app purchase.

[Update] Trade Nations: Holidays – Last but not least, the iPad top grossing charts are closed out this week by Z2Live’s Trade Nations: Holidays, which just makes our roundup in the #49 spot. Updated on November 29th with a holiday themed update, the multiplayer nation building and commodity trading game now gives players the options to turn their nations into a Christmas-themed winter wonderland. The update also added a hot air ballon, brings back the traveling merchant and rolls out bug fixes and performance enhancements.