Emerging Top Free Apps on iOS: Facebook Messenger, Glee, and Jamie Oliver Appear

More often than not, the top free iOS application lists are a compilation of lesser-known games and developers, but this week, a few big brands and games climbed up the charts. From famous chefs, to Facebook, to the music of the television show Glee, there was a wide variety of games and utility-style apps to be seen today. That said, many other games rose due to simply because they ran specials that made them free-to-download for a short time.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Free Apps List

Facebook Messenger — It was released just yesterday, but Facebook Messenger is already the new #1 free iPhone title. The stand alone app, from Facebook itself, allows users to send messages to others regardless of whether or not they have the application. It also allows for one-on-one and group messaging, location sharing, and picture sending. The title is a result of Facebook’s acquisition of group messaging company, Beluga, earlier this year.

Tap Tap Glee — In at #2 is Tap Tap Glee, the latest rhythm game from California-based iOS developer, Tapulous. Utilizing the same core play as the Tap Tap Revenge titles, Tap Tap Glee tasks users with tapping streaming notes in sync with the music of the popular television show, Glee. Along with this, the title has a fair amount of Facebook integration, Glee trivia, and exclusive footage from Glee: The 3D Concernt Movie. In terms of monetization, the title sells music packs within the app at the costs of $0.99, $1.99, and $2.99. Tap Tap Glee was released August 4th.

Escape 3D: The Bathroom 1 — Updated August 2nd with new visuals and a walkthrough, Escape 3D: The Bathroom 1 has risen up to #3 this week. The title is a puzzle game in which users awake inside a locked bathroom, and using the objects available, must find a way to escape. The app is credited to Bored.com, an iOS and web games developer out of New York, whose other title, Escape 3D: The Jail has also been featured on the top free iPhone apps list.

Minesweeper Q  — Spica is an independent iOS developer who hosts a handful of applications on the iPhone. Spica also holds today’s #4 spot with the July 17th-updated game of Minesweeper Q. Despite its ranking, the game is nothing more than an iOS remake of the classic Minesweeper game, in which players try to clear as many tiles as they can without hitting a hidden mine. Free-to-download, the app monetizes through a full version unlock for $0.99.

Crasher — Another fairly new game rises this week in the form of Crasher. This simple game is nothing more than a stress reliever as it allows users to throw various objects at windows and buildings using basic physics. The goal: Simply break some stuff. Released July 30th, the game is free-to-download, but allows users to unlock everything in the app for $1.99. It is made by developer D&D Dream Corp, an enigmatic company that looks to be out of Korea and whose other iPhone apps include Zombie Sweeper and Dinosaur Slayer.

New Titles Within Top iPad Free Apps List

Crush the Castle HD — Moving into the top free iPad apps this week, the first highlight appears at #3: Crush the Castle HD. This physics title is one of the first of its ilk, and is the iOS version of the web original. The game involves catapulting various types of ammunition against poorly constructed, medieval castles and slaying all those inside. It was last updated July 25th and is created by medium-sized casual games maker, Armor Games. Their title of Siege Hero HD has also breached the top paid charts in the past. Regarding Crush the Castle HD, however, this title’s rise is due to a feature on FreeAppADay.