Emerging Top Free Apps on iOS: High Noon, iQuarterback & More

Once again, the top free iOS charts are abuzz with life. Even though many of the applications that appeared this week are not brand new, recent updates or use of FreeAppADay have fueled gains for many titles. This is especially true on iPhone, which is dominated primarily by games. In fact, all of the top five free apps for the device were new this week. As for the iPad, while its top tier titles tend to fluctuate more then the iPhone on the top paid and grossing lists, the influx of free apps is far less dramatic. Nevertheless, productivity and entertainment apps (of the non-game variety) still proved lucrative this week.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Free Apps List

GuglSmack That Gugl — Highlighted on FreeAppADay, Smack That Gugl is the new #1 application on iPhone. Last updated May 20th, the temporarily free game is a twitch-based title where users must survive as long as possible by smashing squishy little “Gugls” before five of them turn red and without smashing those with dieseases. The app is made by Tayasui, an enigmatic iOS developer who has created five other Gugl-based games.

RunStickRun! — Another game climbs up the top free iPhone apps list to hit #2 courtesy of FreeAppADay. RunStickRun! is a simple side-scrolling iOS platformer where players jump from platform to platform using a simple tap. The game is credited to Robert Szeleney of Djinnworks, a 2009-founded studio out of Austria. RunStickRun! is also the second stick man-themed game of Szeleny’s to appear in the top lists. The game is currently ranked at #2 and was last updated May18th.

Nike+ GPS — In at #3 is another older title by the name of Nike+ GPS. A fitness app, Nike+ GPS allows users to plan out and track the progress of runs. The app also has social sharing capabilities, voice feedback, and record keeping. Developed by shoe-maker Nike, the app was also updated recently on May 24th with general performance and usability improvements. However, its rise is due to its being made temporarily free due to Nike+ turning five.

i3Di3D — The #4 free application this week is i3D. The title is essentially a tech demo that creates 3D imagery without the use of glasses on iOS. Using an iDevice’s front-facing camera, it tracks face movement and updates the image on the screen accordingly. This new technology is a product of Université Joseph Fourier, a French university that focuses on the research of and training in new technologies. Released May 20th, the app is also #1 on iPad.

High Noon — The last free iPhone highlight is High Noon, a game that uses one’s phone as a gun and puts them into player versus player combat as they attempt to be the top outlaw of the West. An older game (updated May 10th), it comes in at #5 this week, but also appeared yesterday at #10 on the top grossing iPhone aps list. High Noon is maded by mobile and social games developer Happylatte, a small Beijing-based company that is actually a division of Exoweb. The game monetizes itself through the in-app purchases of virtual currency.

New Titles Within Top iPad Free Apps List

iQuarterbackiQuarterback 2 — A compilation of football mini-games, iQuarterback 2 marks the #6 spot this week on the top free iPad apps list. Released May 19th, the game monetizes via in-app purchases and is created by FuzzyCube. Based out of Silicon Valley, FuzzyCube is a small iOS developer who’s only other highlighed app is ChemoCalc. However, its founders are noted to have worked on titles such as Age of Empires 3 and Halo Wars.