Emerging Top Free Apps on iOS: Songify, Happy Theme Park Rise Up

While the top free iPhone and iPad application charts typically host a slew of new faces each week, many of them tend to be older games that have risen up the list due to promotions and the like. However, this time around, many of the titles on both iDevice platforms have been completely new hosting simple concepts seated in both commonly seen and original application premises.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Free Apps List

Songify — A music application by the name of Songify was recently featured on FreeAppADay, and as such has risen up to #1 on the top free iPhone apps list. Released July 7th, the title records speech and turns it into music automatically. Songify is developed by the still young Atlanta-based music applications company Khush, who also hosted a top paid app this week, LaDiDa. Songify also further monetizes itself through $0.99 in-app purchases for different musical effects.

Happy Theme Park — Having been released July 8th, Happy Theme Park now hosts the #2 free iPhone app spot today. A business simulation title, players are tasked with the construction and management of their own theme park. Like most games of this nature, monetization comes through the in-app purchase of virtual currency (as well as earnable in-game currency) in quantities ranging in price from $0.99 to $99.99. Additionally, the app was also featured on FreeAppADay; giving rise to its growth. As for its developer, the company behind the game is noted as Infinidy, a Canadian iOS developer out of Waterloo.

Cave Bowling — The #3 application for iPhone today (#2 on iPad) is one that has been growing steadily up the app charts, in general (not just the free charts), in the past few weeks. Cave Bowling is a title from Donut Games that has been made temporarily free and is a physics game in which players use their finger to fling bowling balls through prehistoric landscapes and obstacles. As for Donut Games themselves, this casual games portal is actually a part of the Malmö-based company Swedish Game Development, a company that has been around since 2003. Cave Bowling was last updated June 21st.

Make-Up Girls — Another new game appears on the list today. The #4 title is Make-Up Girls and is a simple application that allows users to decorate a digital avatar with various types and amounts of make-up and accessories, then sharing them through social feeds. Released June 5th, the game monetizes through purchasing a full game pack in-app for $1.99 and is credited to mobile software development company Touch Apps, a small 2009-founded group out of Israel and who is focused primarily on iOS for the time being.

Movie-Quiz Lite — Movie-Quiz Lite is a simple quiz-style of game in which users are given 30 seconds an a single image and are tasked with figuring out what film from a multiple choice selection. Currently, the game’s database is noted at over 4000 movies, thus players do get hints to help out. The full version costs $0.99 and both are credited to Borov Games, a fairly unknown developer who hosts a dozen different, and simple, titles on iOS. Movie-Quiz Lite is currently ranked at #5 on the top free iPhone apps list.

New Titles Within Top iPad Free Apps List

Piano Tutor for iPad — SmileyApps is a San Jose-based iOS developer and is the company responsible for today’s #3 top free iPad app, Piano Tutor. As the name suggests, the application is intended to teach users about playing piano. More for beginners, one of the title’s key focus is reading music as well as playing it on a digital piano. Last updated July 8th with MIDI support (allowing for use of a real keyboard), the app has been made free only for a limited time.