Emerging Top Free Apps on iOS: Skype, Mahjong, & AOL Grow on iPad

In an unusual reversal of roles, the iPad free apps list has been more dynamic than the iPhone one. While both charts always show a slew of new games and applications within the top 50, the iPhone free apps list almost always has a new top five every week. Not this time, however.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Free Apps List

Jet Ball — The first new rising free app of the day is Jet Ball (last updated July 26th) and it appears at #4. The game is a highly stylized variation of breakout in which players bounce about a pulsing circle in order to remove all static and moving bricks in the game’s 145 levels. The growth of the game is because it’s temporarily free. Despite its currently free price tag, the app monetizes through in-app purchases for game content at $0.99. Jet Ball is credited to an enigmatic iOS developer by the name of codefreeze. Currently, Jet Ball is their only iOS game of note.

LOL Pics (Funny Pictures) — In at #5 is a simple app by the name of LOL Pics (Funny Pictures). Last updated July 5th, the application is a compilation of funny Internet pictures such as LOL Cats, Failbook, and Epic WIN. Moreover, new images are added daily. The developer of the app is noted as Tap Tap Entertainment, who hosts several simple entertainment applications on both the iOS and Android platforms.

Hungry Shark – Part 3 — Courtesy of FreeAppADay, Hungry Shark – Part 3 has risen up the top free iPhone app charts to reach #6. Last updated July 22nd, the game gives players control of a gluttonous shark swimming through a massive undersea world and seeking to eat just about anything. Though the app is currently free, Hungry Shark still hosts in-app purchases for monetization, allowing players to unlock extra game content and characters costing between $1.99 and $4.99. The game is created by Future Games of London, an iOS and Android games developer out of the U.K. which says it has a player install base of more than 20 million, with monthly users topping 5 million.

Cover Orange — FDG Entertainment is a 10-year-old mobile developer and publisher out of Munich that is not unfamiliar with the iOS top charts. Its latest game to breach the top free app charts is the August 2nd-updated title of Cover Orange. In the game, acid rain is descending upon a populace of sentient oranges, and players must construct rudimentary structures in order to protect as many orange people as possible from the advancing cloud. The growth of the game is, once again, due to a feature on FreeAppADay, and, despite being currently free, still monetizes through the use of in-app purchases for in-game powerups. Cover Orange is currently ranked at #7.

Burger Queen World — Rounding out the top free app highlights of today is the game of Burger Queen World. An older game (last updated May 5th), the title is currently free as part of a free download event for the summer season. In terms of game play, Burger Queen is a time management game in which players must manage varieties of demanding customers in the countries of Japan and the U.K. The game is made by Seoul-based company, Crecat Soft, a studio noted as a developer of web, PC, social, and mobile games.

New Titles Within Top iPad Free Apps List

Skype for iPad — It may barely be a day old, but the August 2nd-released application, Skype for iPad, is the new #1 title on the top free charts. The free application allows users to connect with other Skype members and place calls, video calls, or simply chat via instant messaging. Though it is free, users can purchase Skype Credit, which will allow them to also call landlines and mobiles. Skype itself was recently acquired by Microsoft.