Emerging Top Free Apps on iOS: Retro Arcade Classics, Notes, & Science Flood the Top Charts

The top free iOS app charts have shown a great deal of change in the past seven days with several new applications appearing within the top 10. Nevertheless, even those beyond these rankings proved to be extremely interesting, while those within showed quite the affinity for the classic games (be they analog or digital) of yesteryear.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Free Apps List

Sea BattlesSea Battles Lite — Starting out the list of top free iOS applications, and holding the #1 spot, is a new game (released June 10th) by the name of Sea Battles Lite. The game is essentially the board game of Battleship, as players place a series of ships on a 10×10 grid and attempt to sink their opponent’s fleet; which they cannot see. Hosting both single and multiplayer, the title is created by a Russian developer out of Vladivostok, in Siberia, named Kama Games. Founded in 2009, this company’s focus spans several platforms, including iOS, Android, Facebook, and so on.

Racing Penguin, Flying Free — Having been released June 16th, the #2 app on the top free iPhone apps list is Racing Penguin, Flying Free. In the game — which has risen due to being temporarily free — players control a penguin as they slide up and down snowy hillsides to escape hungry polar bears individual levels. Unfortunately, the design is far from original, and utilizes the exact same core mechanics as the highly popular iPhone game, TinyWings. The app is credited to Top Free Games – Best Apps, an enigmatic, and apparently French, developer for iOS and Android.

Turtle Fly — J2Sighte hosts the #3 app this week. The game is Turtle Fly, a bizarre game in which users control a genetically modified flying turtle as they test fly it through an array of aerial obstacles in an attempt to reach the highest point they can. The rise of the game is due to its being part of FreeAppADay. As for its developer, J2Sighte is a small indie developer for iOS whose past titles include A Doodle Flight, Doodle Evil Fly, and Doodle Kart. Turtle Fly was last updated May 24th.

Line JumperLine Jumper — Line Jumper(last updated June 18th) is yet another game in the series of “line” games from Robert Szeleney of Austrian developer Djinnworks. Another game where users try to reach as high a point as possible, players now draw lines in order to platform their way to the top. Filled with bumpers for launching the player upward, rag doll physics, and competitive leaderboards, the real reason this game — which now holds the #5 spot — has grown recently is due to temporarily being made free. As a sidenote, these line-based Djinnworks games have breached the top lists several times before.

Dream Bride — In at #6 is an entertainment app called Dream Bride. The application is, for lack of a better term, a “dress-up” app in which users are able to customize and create their own avatar brides and share them with friends. Free-to-play, Dream Bride monetizes through several in-app purchase ranging from designer dresses to accessories and hair styles. The app has also recently been updated, as of June 14th, to include new content such as new wedding destinations and backdrops, new hairstyles, and other such bridal elements. As for it’s developer, the company behind the app is Noovo Games, a social and mobile “entertainment” startup out of Palo Alto, California.

New Titles Within Top iPad Free Apps List

Bamboo PaperBamboo Paper – Wacom Notes for Stylus — Those that have been following the top iOS charts for a while will likely have noticed that note taking apps for iPad have been growing more popular. As such, Bamboo Paper has shot to the top of the free iPad apps lists and holds the #1 spot. In essence, it turns the iPad device into a tablet notebook, allowing users to take notes, make sketches, bookmark their pages, and share with friends. What’s more is that the application is made by international company Wacom, whose U.S. branch is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington (which is owned by Wacom Company, Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan). Wacom is best known for its stylus pens and PC tablet accessories. The tremendous growth is due to a June 16th update that has reduced the sale price to free until the end of June.