Emerging Top Free Apps on iOS: Puzzles, Arcade Games, Dinosaurs & More

Several older apps re-emerged this week on the top free list thanks to Free App A Day or updates. Games continue their dominance on the iPhone charts, while educational apps did well on the iPad.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Free Apps List

Six Towers — Another new week equals another new #1 app for iPhone. This time, the top honors go to Six Towers a puzzle game about stacking bricks. In the game, players are given numbered multicolored bricks, stacked in eight columns. The idea is to sort them out so that they stack in sequential order and are all of the same color. However, only upper bricks can be moved and must be attached to another through numerical order (e.g. “1” connects with “2”) Last updated August 24th, the game is another app credited to AlphaWeb Plus. Though no website is provided, AlphaWeb Plus is likely a enigmatic publisher as previous games have been credited to it, yet linked to different developers. Six Towers also monetizes through in-app purchases.

Rail Maze — In at #2 is the August 9th-updated title of Rail Maze, which has risen due to a feature on FreeAppADay. In the game, players must get a train from one point to another by adjusting railroad tracks accordingly. However, the rails often have “pirate” trains as well, that must be avoided.  The game is made by mobile game development studio, Spooky House Studios, a small company out of Germany with several iOS titles also credited to its name.

Anodia — The game of Anodia fills the #4 position (#12 on iPad) this week, and it is yet another title rising due to FreeAppADay. Like most free games, the concept is simple: Anodia is a rendition of the classic arcade game Breakout, in which players bounce a ball around a level to break bricks. That said, the game has been modernized with far more color, style, and special effects. Anodia is created by a small Polish indepentent games studio called Clueless Little Muffin. Their titles focus on both iOS and Max OS X.

Hit the Apple! — Hit the Apple! is yet another simple game in which users lob arrows at an apple atop a pesant’s head. Using basic physics, players use their finger to draw back a bow and aim in an Angry Birds style. Developed by Falcon Mobile, a small iOS developer founded back in 2005, the game’s growth is most likely due to its August 15th update that notes the inclusion of new content, “The Quest.” Hit the Apple also offers the ability to unlock all levels for $0.99. It is also ranked at #5.

The Moron Test: Section 2  — The last iPhone highlight of the day comes in at #7 with The Moron Test: Section 2. A new app (released August 24th), The Moron Test: Section 2 is a compilation of deceptively easy puzzles and mini-games meant to “test” one’s intelligence. This game is only a part of the full version game, and it is the third app today to highlight a feature on FreeAppADay. The app is made by DistinctDev, a small, Florida-based company whose titles center around iOS, Android, and Facebook. The paid version of The Moron Test was also featured on the top paid charts earlier this week.

New Titles Within Top iPad Free Apps List

Sea Bubbles HD — AlphaWeb Plus appears again with the #4 top free iPad app, Sea Bubbles HD. Though AlphaWeb is credited in the App Store, the game links to a site from a single individual, Dimitriy Kuzmenko. As for Sea Bubbles itself, it is essentially an iOS version of the old web game, Collapse. Players remove sets of three connected bubbles or more and attempt last as long as possible before the screen is filled up. In order to monetize, the app has advertisements, but also has an in-app purchase to remove them.