Emerging Top Free Apps on iOS: Music, Television, Learning, & Beauty

The top free app lists remain highly active this week with the ebb and flow of new and re-emerging applications frequently changing, in terms of rankings. In fact, the frequency of these changes have been so much today, that likely the numbers will have changed before the end of this sentence is read. Nevertheless, these dramatic changes are far more drastic on the iPhone as opposed to iPad. On a different note, while games are dominant this week, both iDevices hosted several other application types this week running a wide range of topics such as music, television, education, and beauty.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Free Apps List

Free Music Download — Zentertain, a small iOS startup founded last year, is in the top charts again with today’s #1 top free iPhone application, Free Music Download. This is not to be confused with the Free Music Download that breached the top paid charts recently, as Zentertain has changed that app to Free Music Download Pro. Regardless, the new (released July 21st) title works almost exactly the same as the paid version, allowing users to access and download from hundreds of songs for free and legally. That said, this free version can only hold 15 songs total.

Doodle God Lite — In at #3 is an older game, that was released March 25th, Doodle God Lite. The free version of past top paid appDoodle God, the game allows users to play god by mixing and matching various elements to build an entire world. Such elements include basics such as earth and fire, as well as bacteria, tools, animals, and so on. The app is credited to the veteran Russian developer JoyBits whose application focus is centric to both mobile games and J2ME products.

Prize Claw – Updated just yesterday, July 26th, is today’s #4 top free iPhone application, Prize Claw from Dallas, Texas-based studio Game Circus (the company’s focus is on free-to-play mobile games). The game is about what it sounds like, which is a digital recreation of arcade and carnival prize claw machines. That in mind, this iPhone app grants players with a bit more than teddy bears, with special prizes and power ups to make winning a greater probability. To monetize, the game hosts two in-app purchases for $3.99 and $0.99 which unlocks new features and removes advertisements respectively.

Nuts! – A feature on FreeAppADay has given rise to another of Limbic Software’s titles this week, Nuts!, which is currently ranked at #5. This simple game gives players control of scampering Jake the squirrel and tasks them with climbing up a tree, as high as possible, while they attempt to collect coins and avoid branches, icy patches, and other such dangers.  The game was last updated July 20th with new achievements and leaderboards and monetizes through in-app purchases of virtual currency priced at $0.99 to $49.99. As for Limbic itself, the small iOS developer from California has already seen its newest release, Zombie Gunship, top both the paid and grossing lists this week, and states that its title,TowerMadness, has been downloaded over 6 million times.

WatchTV Free  — In at #6 is another non-game app, WatchTV Free. Relatively new — released July 5th — this free version of the $1.99 WatchTV app, allows users to view television, internationally, from the channels of their home country. While not all channels are allowed outside a country, the app notes that there are over 1000 already available in its database. The creator behind the app is noted as Atenea Innova, a small technology company from Spain who hosts a variety of iOS application types including music, general entertainment, education, games, and reference.

New Titles Within Top iPad Free Apps List

HowStuffWorks for iPad — HowStuffWorks is the new #1 free title for iPad. The app is an iPad version of HowStuffWorks.com and consists of several thousand articles, videos, and podcasts that show users, with simple explanations, how various things in the world function. Additionally, this educational app also hosts over 1,000 quizzes with which players can can challenge friends and earn badges. Founded in 1998, HowStuffWorks is actually a wholly owned subsidiary of media company, Discovery Communications.