Emerging Top Free Apps on iOS: A Shaving Game, Pickup Sticks & Trulia

Of all the Apple app charts, the top free apps list is easily the most dynamic. With this ebb and flow, there are always emerging trends and titles. Interestingly enough, most of these titles are new to the top 10, not just the top 50 like we usually cover.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Free Apps List

Pickin StixPickin’ Stix Classic — Believe it or not, there is a new top free iPhone app that is not Angry Birds related. Released March 25th, the game Picking’ Stix Classic is the new #1 title on the list. A digital variation of the analog game, Pickup Sticks, this classic version has been made free for only 30 days. The updated rendition, Pickin’ Stix, is $0.99. The application is developed by Jonathan Tenkely, who is a freelance illustrator out of Denver.

Shave Me! — We didn’t have to go far for the next emerging app. At #2 is a fairly bizarre title called Shave Me!. An older application, it was recently updated April 5th. The whole point of the app is to… well, shave. Players use finger swipes to shave their iPhone screen using various tools and caution to avoid cuts and razor burn. It’s developer is an iOS game-maker by the name of Metaversal Studios; a small company based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The title is monetized through an in-app purchase of extra shaving tools.

Ugly MeterUgly Meter — Ugly Meter, from Dapper Gentlemen, is another, slightly older, application, recently updated April 2nd, and at #3, it is a good way to lower one’s self-esteem. The title uses the iPhone camera and “scans” the photo, giving users an “ugly rating,” from 1 – 10, on the “Ugly Scale.” As for Dapper Gentlemen, they are a bootstrapped startup out in Arizona, that consists of only two individuals: Jo Overline and Ryan Allen. Their focus is on iOS and Android applications. Regarding Ugly Meter’s monetization method, the game is only temporarily free, but normally costs $0.99.

LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Scavenger Hunt — In at #6 is a new title (released April 1st) from The LEGO Group. Based off of a LEGO animated movie, LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Scavenger Hunt is a quirky action-type of game where players use “spinjitzu” to battle enemies, and upgrade/find new gear by scanning real-world Ninjago boxes. LEGO is a toy company that’s been around since the 1930’s. Its head office is in Bilund, Denmark.

Lasers FreeLasers Free — Lasers Free is another older app, last updated March 7th. All the same, the game from Brisk Mobile has made sure it is not forgotten, coming in at #10 on the free iPhone apps list. Monetized through an in-app level pack purchase of $0.99, the game is a puzzle game where players must make a laser pass through all diamonds on the screen. Despite having other games breach the top free charts, Brisk Mobile does not classify itself as a games developer but more of a general, “wireless solution provider,” creating a wide gamete of apps for iOS, Blackberry, and Android. The company was founded in 2008.

New Titles Within Top iPad Free Apps List

Trulia Real Estate Search — The highest ranking new application for the top free iPad apps list isn’t a game: It’s a lifestyle app. At #6 is a title by the name of Trulia Real Estate Search from Trulia. In short, the application uses GPS in order to allow users to quickly and easily search for homes and apartments. As one might expect, Trulia is a real estate company whose website offers the same capabilities. Considering that it’s spring and the economy is picking up, it seems like an ideal buying time for potential homeowners. The app was released March 28th.