Emerging Top Free Apps on iOS: Lite Version Games, Sports & News Grow

For the first time in a while, the top five free iPhone games didn’t change much. Top titles from last week showed their faces again (preventing all top five from changing), with games like Oldschool Blocks taking the #1 spot and Talking Tom Cat 2 moving down to #6.

In terms of the iPad, the level of activity remained about the same as it always does, with a number of new titles in the top ten and Merriam-Webster Dictionary HD moving up to #2. Both devices showed several lite version apps rising over the course of the past few days.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Free Apps List

Air Penguin Lite — The popular Gamevil — a mobile games developer and publisher out of both Los Angeles and Seoul, Korea — game of Air Penguin is appearing in the top lists again in the form of Air Penguin Lite. The title is ranked #2 this week and is a free demo version of the $0.99 arcade-style platformer in which a father penguin must navigate the hazards of Antarctica in order to find his family. Though the lite version has only been out a few days (released June 1st), its paid version has not only hit #1 on the top paid iPhone charts but has also surpassed $1 million in revenue.

Gelato Mania — The #3 title this time around is Gelato Mania, an app last updated June 6th. Described as a “deco puzzle” sort of game, users must create ice cream deserts by mixing an matching a variety of delectable toppings. The game is credited to mobile and social games developer Pudding Games. However, it appears to be a part of 2008-founded mobile apps developer, Vanilla Breeze. Its rise is due to being highlighted via FreeAppADay.

Bloody Knuckles Free — Though many of its user reviews are negative, Bloody Knuckles Free (released May 30th) is ranked in at #4 on the top free iPhone apps list. The title is a digital version of a bar game where users spin a coin and take turns with an opponent to keep it spinning. The first to knock it down loses and the coin is shot at their knuckles. First one to draw blood wins. Developed by American iOS startup AppVenturous, the app is also available in a paid version that currently costs $0.99. As for the company themselves, they were founded just over a year ago, but host around a dozen simple game titles.

Bunny Shooter — Released June 3rd was a game by the name of Bunny Shooter, and it currently holds the #5 spot. Temporarily free, the app is a physics game that tasks users with firing a bow and arrow, with limited shots, to kill all pink bunnies on the level. The game allows users to utilize the physics-enabled environment to their advantage and hosts many challenges similar in respect to games such as Angry Birds. As for the game’s creator, it is Best, Cool & Fun Games, a Latin American mobile gaming company whose only other previous iOS title of note is Ant Smasher. Founded by investment banker Guilherm Schvartsman, the company states that it has released over 70 casual games with around 27 million global users in total.

City Friends — City Friends is the oldest top free iPhone title on the list this week, coming in at #7. A freemium mobile-social game, players are tasked with the building and management of their own city; working with friends to help it grow. As a free-to-play game, it monetizes via in-app purchases of virtual currency at prices ranging from $0.99 to $99.99. The game is developed by enigmatic mobile developer Funverse. As it stands, City Friends (which was last updated April 19th) is the only iOS title credited to them and they are apparently based out of San Francisco.

New Titles Within Top iPad Free Apps List

Strike Knight HD — There is a new #1 iPad app. Strike Knight HD is a new (released June 2nd) arcade-style bowling game where users must slide a puck down a lane and knock down bowling pins all while being taunted by the “Strike Knight” character himself. Monetized via in-app purchases, the game marks another hit from the Colorado-based mobile developer Backflip Studios, whose past titles have surpassed the 100 million download mark.

World Cup Table Tennis HD — Released Sunday, June 5th, World Cup Table Tennis HD has already breached the top five to place at #3 on the top free iPad app charts. The game is an accurate, digital rendition of ping-pong in which players can compete in short, three round tournaments as well as participate in Career, Arcade, and head-to-head multiplayer modes. The company behind the new game is Skyworks Interactive, a company out of New Jersey that only recently began working within the iOS space. Nevertheless, the game developer has previously spent much time in “advergaming” and both built and launched Candystand.com for The Lifesavers Company.

Call of Atlantis HD — Russian developer of casual, mobile, and social games, Playrix is the creator behind the #4 application, Call of Atlantis HD. In the game, players must collect seven crystals of power, finding them within the ancient civilizations of Carthage, Eygpt, Rome, Babylon, and more. Throughout the game, users progress by solving various match-three and hidden-object style puzzles. Released May 26th, the game is only free-to-download, thus players must unlock a full version in-game for $4.99, which is currently 30 percent off. The title also appeared yesterday on the top grossing iPad apps list.

Mr Giggle HD Lite — Another lite game is rising through the charts today in the form of Mr Giggle HD Lite. In the iOS game, players must move rows or columns to match up pieces into shapes of the same color. Through the lite version, players are only granted a limited number of levels, but for $3.99 (the price of the full game), they can remove that limitation. Last updated May 29th, the game is credited to Patryk Palasz, an enigmatic European iOS developer whose only other titles of note are variants of Mr Giggle. The title is currently #7 on the top free iPad apps list.

FOX News for iPad — Television and news appears once again on the top free iPad charts. In at the #8 spot is FOX News for iPad, from the television network’s digital news arm, FOX News Digital. Like pretty much every television news program that has made its way to iPad, this app (released June 1st) brings everything the television broadcast brings to the table and more. This includes videos, live coverage, articles, news highlights, and social sharing.