Emerging popular Android apps: Minecraft, SongPop, Rule the Kingdom and more

Rage of Bahamut once again dominated the Android charts, taking the No. 1 spot on the list of top grossing apps. It is still too soon to notice any significant reaction on the charts, but recent developments at Facebook could affect a couple of apps. Yesterday, the FTC approved Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, so it should be interesting to see how this is reflected in the standalone app or if it will be further integrated into Facebook. Today Facebook also updated its Android app with new features, so we might be able to see if the improvements resonated with Android users in time for next week’s roundup.

This Week’s top grossing Android apps

Minecraft – Pocket Edition – Coming in at the No. 13 spot is Mojang’s Minecraft – Pocket Edition, the mobile version of the hit indie game where players explore, mine, and build almost whatever they can imagine. The game is currently priced at $6.99. It was last updated on August 9 with new materials, furnaces, the ability to grow trees and various bug fixes. So far Minecraft — Pocket Edition has been downloaded at least 500,000.

Texas Poker — Taking the No. 14 spot is KamaGames’ free-to-play self explanatory Texas Poker game. So far it’s been downloaded at least five million times.

Rule the Kingdom — Game Insight’s mix of role-playing and city building Rule the Kingdom takes the No. 26 spot. The game was last updated on August 16 with new campaign and raids set in the Desert Kingdom, an Arena mode and more quests. Rule the Kingdom is free to download, and its been installed more than one million times since it was first released.

Monster Park– At the No. 27 spot is Kiwi’s monster breeding and collection game, Monster Park.

SongPop Free — Our last top grossing app pick this week is FreshPlanet’s SongPop Free which comes in at the No. 39 spot. The game was first released on Facebook and became incredibly popular after Mark Zuckerberg said he enjoyed playing it. The game was last updated on July 27 with achievements, Japanese localazation and bug fixes. So far the game has been installed one million times on Android.

This week’s top free Android apps

Gmail — Coming in at the No. 2 spot is Google’s own mobile app for webmail client, Gmail.

Facebook — Taking the No. 4 spot this week is Facebook’s Android app which so far has been downloaded more than 100 million times. Facebook released an update for Android today that includes event creation, multi-photo upload and new features for messages. At an event this month, Facebook VP of Engineering Mike Schroepfer also said company is moving to a four to six week release cycle for its Android app.

Instagram — The visual social network comes in at the No. 12 spot this week. The FTC this week approved Facebook’s acquisition of the company.

Where’s My Perry? Free– Disney’s free version of Where’s My Perry? takes the No. 25 spot this week. The game is a spin-off of Disney’s Where’s My Water featuring Agent P Perry from the cartoon Phineas and Ferb. It was last updated on August 6 and was installed more than one million times since it was first released. Players who enjoyed the limited free version can purchase the full game for $0.99.

Yahoo! Mail — At the No. 31 spot is the app for Yahoo!’s webmail client which has been installed more than 10 million times since it was first released.

This Week’s top paid Android apps

SetCPU for Root Users — Our first pick for this week’s roundup of top paid Android apps is Michael Huang’s SetCPU for Root Users which comes in at the No. 15 spot. The app allows users to change the CPU settings on a rooted Android phone or tablet, including the Galaxy Nexus, HTC One series, Nexus S, Nexus One, Motorola Droid, Samsung Galaxy series, and most other devices. It is currently priced at $1.99.