Emerging Paid iOS Apps: Non-Gaming Apps Rise On The Charts

With most of the Electronic Arts titles from last week vacating the top paid apps lists, a number of new titles have entered the fray (and a few older ones too). Interestingly enough, games did not dominate the charts as they normally do. In fact, only half of the apps tracked this week were games.

Among the new applications, fitness, music, and books have done surprisingly well with the last appearing for the first time since we began tracking the iOS charts. Also, a handful of games are using multiple threads of monetization with Gameloft actually making use of three — paid app, subscriptions, and in-app purchases — for its new MMORPG.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Paid Apps List

Any Music Downloader — Music, as a mobile application, rises up the charts this week as a new title (released April 27th) by the name of Any Music Downloader comes in at #6. The application lets users download music from any legal music site with the ability to pause and resume downloads. As it stands, the app is on sale for $0.99, but normally costs $4.99. It’s developer is Pdafun.net, an enigmatic iOS developer whose library of releases consist primarily of utility and navigation applications.

The Game of LIFE Classic Edition — The Game of Life Classic Edition is a rather old iPhone title, having been last updated December 9th. However, the game is currently holding at the #7 spot on the top paid iPhone apps list at the cost of $0.99. As the title is developed by international core games developer and publisher Electronic Arts, this digital remake of the Hasbro table-top original is likely this high due to last week’s massive EA Easter sale of all of its iOS titles.

Full Fitness — Summer is just around the corner and thus a company by the name of Health Xperts have temporarily lowered the price of their app, Full Fitness, to only $0.99. The application is a compilation of over 300 exercises with the ability to create one’s own routines or choose from 20 pre-made ones. As for Health Xperts themselves, little information is available as Full Fitness is their only existing release. The older app is currently #8 on the top lists, and was released March 25th. It normally runs $2.99.

Gears — Coming in at #10 is another game, Gears. A physics-based game, users must try to navigate a ball from Point A to Point B using either swiping or tilt controls. The app is currently running $0.99 as a 66% off sale, and is developed by Crescent Moon Games. Crescent Moon Games is a young (founded in 2009) iOS developer based out of Avila Beach, California with two prior titles under their belt, Rimelands: Hammer of Thor and Aralon: Sword and Shadow. Gears has been out since April 28th. Gears is also the #1 application on iPad at $0.99.

Zombie Smash — One more older title hits the top charts this week at #19 in the form of Zombie Smash. A comedic, physics-based game, players use a variety of weaponry to flick and launch zombies across the screen in a sort of castle defense style. Last updated April 29th with bug fixes and a few usability improvements, the game runs $0.99 but also monetizes with in-app purchases. It’s developer is GameDoctors, a German mobile outfit founded in 2009 whose focus is on the iOS platform. Though it does note on its website the use of “other” platforms, ZombieSmash for the iOS is their only current title. ZombieSmash HD is also the #11 app on iPad at $2.99.

New Titles Within Top iPad Paid Apps List

Our Choice — For the first time since we have been tracking the top paid iOS charts, a book has made its way into the list. Al Gore’s Our Choice is the current #7 app and was only released April 28th. Combining narrative and visuals, this digital book is an interactive app focusing on the causes of global warming as well as preventative measures.  The title is created via a new digital publishing platform by the name of Push Pop Press. Built by a team of five, this beta-version platform allows authors to combine audio, text, images, and video into an interactive experience. Our Choice currently runs $4.99 for a limited time.

The Price is Right HD — The Price is Right HD is an older title that was released back in September. However, the game show-based app is currently 80 percent off and running only $0.99. As such, the game is up at #16, this week, on the top paid iPad apps list. It’s developer is Ludia, a Montreal-based developer who has created games on multiple platforms including iOS, PC/Mac, core consoles, and Facebook.

GoodReader for iPad — In at #19 is a very dated application, GoodReader for iPad, that has milled about the top lists before, but never really stood out. However, it was updated April 17th, and has been slowly climbing the charts. In short, the app allows users to view most common file types, but is best known for its ability to handle large .pdf or .txt documents. The recent update, however, has incorporated the ability to encrypt files, flatten PDF annotations, and utilize symbolic PDF page labels (e.g. Roman numerals). At $4.99, the app is made by Good.iWare, an iOS developer with only a handful of other iPad and iPhone apps of, primarily, a news orientation.

Order & Chaos Online — Gameloft snags the #21 iPad paid app this week, Order & Chaos. A fully 3D, fantasy MMORPG, this new game (released April 27th) not only costs an initial$6.99, but runs a monthly subscription fee and monetizes further with in app purchases of virtual currency. Gameloft is one of the largest international casual and mobile game developers in the mobile space and is a 12-year veteran.

iMuscle – (NOVA Series) – iPad Edition — In at #22 is yet another fitness application called iMuscle – (NOVA Series) – iPad Edition. Costing $4.99, the app allows users to view and identify various muscle groups and see how to best exercise them. Recently updated April 28th, the title is made by 3D4Medical.com, an American iOS developer that focuses on creating medical applications that utilizes 3D medical imagery.

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