Emerging Paid iOS Apps: Movie-Based Games, Tower Defense, & Stealth Appear This Week

The emerging top paid apps for both the iPhone and iPad have been highly active in the last seven days with several new titles and updates occurring, in recent time, within the top 50. Old favorites such as Angry Birds Seasons and Fruit Ninja both saw content updates, but were left out of our highlights in lieu of newer faces whose versions appeared within both the iPhone and iPad top lists.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Paid Apps List

Cars 2Cars 2 — Topping the  paid iPhone app charts this week at #1 is the newly released (June 23rd) game of Cars 2. Based on the Disney Pixar film, this $0.99 app is a side-scrolling platforming game in which users take control of Lightning McQueen, Mater, and others in a race around the world. The game is from California-based Disney Interactive Studios, the entertainment affiliate to The Walt Disney Company. With several apps already hosted on iOS, this sizable veteran company also produces and publishes games across most other gaming platforms.

Flick Golf! — A sale moves the older application of Flick Golf! all the way up to #6 this week. Currently only $0.99, the title is as the name suggests. Players use their finger to play rounds of golf — ranging from courses within the U.S. to Japan — to make shots, add spin, compensate for wind, and avoid various hazards. The game is credited to Full Fat Games, an independent games developer out of the U.K. and founded back in 1996. Aside from the iOS, the company’s portfolio of releases also encompasses other handheld gaming platforms as well as Xbox. Flick Golf! was last updated March 25th.

Video Time Machine — Skipping ahead to #30 comes an interesting application last updated June 17th. Video Time Machine is an app from Original Victories that allows users to watch thousands of videos based on a year and category input. Shareable via social feeds, the videos’ date range is from 1860 to 2011, and its rise appears due to the stated update that made the title universal across iPad as well. In fact, the $0.99 title is currently ranked #8 on the top paid iPad apps list. As for Original Victories themselves, this New York-based company is the group behind YTTM.tv, Film Fights, and Online Video Contests.

Continuity 2Continuity 2: The Continuation — Continuity 2: The Continuation is the sequel to the award winning Continuity. This $0.99 puzzle game tasks users with moving their avatar through a level, except that it is the world that must be moved about, on sliding tiles, to do so. Released June 23rd, the game is developed by Ragtime Games, a small outfit of, apparently, only four (only three worked on Continuity 2) whose first game, Continuity, won the Best Student Game at the 2010 Independent Games Festival and the Gameplay Innovation Award at IndieCade 2010. Continuity 2 is ranked at #34 for iPhone and #31 for iPad.

Tower Defense: Lost Earth — Another older game appears for iPhone’s top emerging paid apps list. At #36 is Tower Defense: Lost Earth, which is rising due to a $0.99 Independence Day Sale. A typical tower defense title, players must search for a habitable planet, defending it with futuristic weapons and towers against hordes of hostile alien forces. The app is credited to Com2uS, a 1998-founded Korean developer and publisher whose apps span both smartphone and online gaming markets.

New Titles Within Top iPad Paid Apps List

SonicSonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing —There is a new #1 iPad app this week in the form of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing (#19 on iPhone). Released June 23rd, this racing game is an over-the-top kart racer in which players drive about worlds based in different SEGA franchises and control iconic SEGA characters (e.g. Sonic the Hedgehog). Akin to the Mario Kart franchise and variantsthereof, this new $4.99 title comes with absurd courses, traps, and offensive attacks. As the name suggests, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars is developed by SEGA, the long running international and Tokyo-based game maker and publisher.