Emerging Paid iOS Apps: Ludia’s Apps, Godzilab’s iBlast Moki 2 & More

It was a great week for older games, especially those simultaneously available on both the iPad and iPhone. Several older games inspired by gameshows or tabletop games reappeared this week with every single one holding spots within the top 50.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Paid Apps List

UNO — The first highlight for the iPhone is the familiar game of UNO. Though its HD version has risen up in the past (currently, it is also #24), the iPhone rendition currently ranks in at #18. Costing $0.99, this digital remake of the well-known card game is doing well because of a big update on August 18th that added in an online multiplayer mode with the added ability to play against users at the same skill level. The older game is developed by Paris-based, international games developer and publisher Gameloft. UNO also monetizes through in-app purchases.

Alarm Clock Pro by iHandy — Last updated August 5th is another older application, Alarm Clock Pro. The utility application hosts multiple functions including an alarm with several alarm sounds, multiple alarm settings, a weather display and a flashlight. Developed the enigmatic iOS utility app developer iHandysoft, Alarm Clock Pro currently sells for $0.99 and is ranked at #21. iHandysoft has also previously breached the top free iOS charts with Virtual Lighter.

iBlast Moki 2 — In at #27 on iPhone and #11 on iPad is the newly released (August 18th) game of iBlast Moki 2. The new puzzle game tasks users with getting a series of creatures called “Mokis” to a particular point in the level through. A physics-style of game, players construct objects and make use of, for lack of a better term, “magic” paint and bombs to succeed. Moreover, the game also supports user-generated level creation and sharing. The game has risen quickly, not only due to quality, but due to a 70 percent markdown in price, making it $0.99 (it also has in-app purchases). It is credited to Godzilab, a small mobile developer whose previous iOS titles include iBlast Moki and Stardunk.

Luminance — A new photography app called Luminance holds the #30 spot. The $0.99 app was released August 16th is a simple photo editing title. Users can import photos and, using as many layers as they would like, adjust elements such as white balance, brightness, colors, and so on. The developer behind Luminance is noted as Subsplash, a small design software company focused on making apps for both mobile and web platforms. Luminance is ranked at #14 on iPad.

The Price Is Right — The last highlight for iPhone is another older game, The Price Is Right. Developed by Ludia, players compete against either each other or AI opponents in a digital rendition of the long running television game show, trying to guess the prices of items, or at least get as close as possible without going over it. That said, the app has not been updated since February 27th, and its rise is due to Ludia placing the app on sale for $0.99. As such, the iPad version has risen as well to hit #33. As for Ludia itself, the company is a Montreal-based games developer of cross-platform titles for platforms such as iOS, Facebook, and PC.

New Titles Within Top iPad Paid Apps List

The World by National Geographic — Moving into the top paid iPad apps list, the #9 title is a new one. Released August 18th, is the latest title from non-profit scientific group, National Geographic Society, The World by National Geographic. The application consists of an interactive 3D globe that allows users to explore maps of the world and learn facts and photographs of various international locals.  The app also contains polar regions as part of its atlas, flags, and social feed sharing. As it stands, The World costs $3.99.

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