Emerging Paid iOS Apps: iPad Charts Show Greater Activity Further Down

The top paid apps lists were partially stagnant today as several of the top paid iPhone apps from previous weeks remained roughly in their previous positions. As such, most of the new highlights this week derive from the top 30s, but whose iPad counterparts rose significantly higher. Additionally, the onset of the Discovery Channel’s ever popular “Shark Week” has seemingly contributed to the growth a pair of new iPad apps as well.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Paid Apps List

Groove Coaster — Groove Coaster is a new (released July 28th) iOS game that comes in at #13 on iPhone and #20 on iPad. Rising due to a launch sale putting the price at $0.99 and overall quality, the psychedelic, rhythm shooter comes with a wide variety of music genres and even a level creator.  Its developer is noted as the Japanese company TAITO, a subsidiary of international core games developer and publisher, Square Enix. The company has been around for over half a century, but got into mobile back in 2000 and is best known for its game Space Invaders.

Doodle Farm — Moving all the way down to #35 comes the July 18th-released game of Doodle Farm. If the name sounds familiar, that is because the app is created by nine-year-old Russian mobile games studio, JoyBits, who is well known for their popular iOS application Doodle God. As for Doodle Farm itself, it plays similarly to its predecessor, allowing players to mix and match animals in order to build out the entire animal kingdom. Currently, the game costs $0.99 but also monetizes through in-app purchases for virtual currency.

Gesundheit! — Konami is one of the larger core games developers and publishers in the world. Based out of Tokyo and over 40 years old, this veteran studio hosts the next highlighted game, Gesundheit!. Ranking in at #38 on iPhone and #12 on iPad the new $0.99 (50 percent off at the moment) game gives players control of a tiny pig seeking to save their friends from monsters in a top-down, arcade style of play. Filled with humor, players use allergy-based powers to solve puzzles and lure monsters to their doom. Gesundheit! was released July 28th.

Waterslide 2 — The next iPhone highlight Waterslide 2 from Fishlabs. Ranked at #39, the $0.99 game is essentially a racing title as players traverse an over sized water slide, attempting to collect items and avoid obstacles along the way. As for its developer, Fishlabs is a German company that has actually be featured on the top charts before with Galaxy on Fire 2. Not only a creator of mobile games, Fishlabs also hosts its own mobile games engine dubbed “ABYSS.” Waterslide 2 was released July 27th.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars — The #44 app (#9 on iPad) is the first old application to rise up this week, last updated March 28th. The game is Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and is yet another title from a core games developer and publisher; this time the New York-based studio of Rockstar Games. Following the Grand Theft Auto game play format of open world theft, chases, and gun fights, players take on the role of Huang Lee who seeks revenge from a job gone sour as he transforms from spoiled rich kid to hardened criminal within the confines of Liberty City. Currently $9.99, the game was recently on sale for $2.99.

New Titles Within Top iPad Paid Apps List

Ultimate Sharks — As noted prior, Shark Week is currently occurring on the Discovery Channel, and as such, non-fiction media company Discovery Communications’ new (released July 27th) iPad title, Ultimate Sharks, has risen up to #11. A digital book, Ultimate Sharks is an extensive collection of interactive, shark-centric media that goes beyond mere text and includes controllable 3D sharks, HD video, and is even Airplay compatible (meaning it can be viewed on a television should users have the appropriate hardware). As it stands, the digital book costs $4.99.

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