Emerging Paid iOS Apps: Hanging With Friends, Doodle Jump & Smoothies Show Growth This Week

The top paid iOS charts have been rather active today, with both the iPad and iPhone hosting new titles. In fact, the iPhone platform found itself with new titles within its top 20. Older titles, such as Doodle Jump, also climbed the charts with the addition of new content.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Paid Apps List

Hanging With Friends — It was released only last week, but the new iOS game of Hanging With Friends from social games developer Zynga is already holding the #2 spot at $1.99 and was recently on sale as a release special. The game is essentially a mobile rendition of the word game “Hangman” combined with scoring mechanics reminiscent of Words With Friends. Though the game is credited to Zynga as a whole, it is the first title from Zynga-acquired company, Zynga With Friends (aka Newtoy), a mobile developer based out of Texas, since the acquisition. Hanging With Friends was released June 9th.

Pocket God: Journey To Uranus — Bolt Creative is the San Fransisco-based iOS developer behind the popular Pocket God franchise. Now, an iteration of the original by the name of Pocket God: Journey To Uranus is rising up to #3 this week (#7 on iPad). The game hosts the typical torturing of pygmies that the series is known for, but is more a compilation of bizarre, intergalactic mini-games. The game is older, but has risen due to a June 7th update that added an entire new memory mini-game dubbed “Quantum Entanglement” in which users must search for entangled atoms in space whilst avoiding black holes. Additionally, the new content also comes with a sale as the app is currently reduced to $0.99.

Baseball Superstars II Pro — In at #13 is a new game from Gamevil, Baseball Superstars II Pro. The latest in the company’s Superstars franchise, this baseball game is true to its heritage. This means over-the-top, anime’esque style characters, and ridiculous superpowers. In fact, the latter is one of the key highlights of the game as users can create their own customizable “super skills” (which from past Baseball Superstars games have been things along the lines extreme pitches… that are on fire). Moreover, though the game costs $0.99, it further monetizes through in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $49.99. As for Gamevil themselves, this veteran developer and publisher out of both Los Angeles and Seoul, Korea is no stranger the top charts with games such as Air Penguin and Zenonia 3.

Doodle Jump Rises With New Multiplayer Mode — Doodle Jump is one of the oldest games on iPhone but, no pun intended, it has jumped all the way up to #15 in the past week. This platformer, which uses tilt controls to steer, focuses on moving the character “Doodler” up a sheet of graph paper while avoiding various obstacles. Nevertheless, the sudden rise in the $0.99 title is due to a June 10th update which added multiplayer into the mix. Now users can race against other Doodle Jump players to the top of levels. As for developer Lima Sky itself, the company is based out of New York and formed of two brothers. Other past variants of Doodle Jump have also risen up the app charts when they were released.

Plants vs. Zombies Rises With New “Zen Garden” Addition — It is unusual for us to revisit an older app such as Plants vs. Zombies so soon after it was highlighted (because of an iPad sales promotion from Seattle-based casual and mobile games developer PopCap Games), but now the iPhone version is rising again (now at #19) due to new content. The tower defense-like game has, as of June 9th, added significant additions not unlike those found in Facebook social farming games (e.g. FarmVille). Players can now create a “Zen Garden” which allows them to collect and grow plants that must be cared for daily. Doing so will reward extra coins for spending in the main game. Moreover, new mini-games and achievements have also been added to the $2.99 app. Currently, the iPad version sits at #20, but this update does not appear implemented as of yet.

New Titles Within Top iPad Paid Apps List

Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad — Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad made its presence known in early May where it ranked #11 on the top paid iPad app charts, but now the application has taken the #1 spot this week. An app that lets users remotely access their desktop computers from their iPad, the title was already proving useful to consumers, milling about the top 10 and 20 regularly. Now, developer Spashtop Inc., has put the app on sale for $1.99 (normally $9.99), thus shooting the application to the top. Splashtop Inc. is a privately held software company out of San Jose, California. Its Splashtop OS works not only on tablets, but also smartphones, PCs, and Macs.