Emerging Paid Apps: Astronomy, Physics & Puzzles Break Into The Top of The iOS Charts

Although the top paid app lists for the iPhone and iPad don’t fluctuate as much as the free charts, new titles always crop up every week. The iPad charts showed a little more volatility this week with nine emerging paid titles.

New Titles Within Top 50 iPhone Paid Apps List

SkyViewSkyView – Explore the Universe — The first title on the list is far from new, having been last updated back in February. However, astronomy app SkyView, though never seen within the top 50, has suddently shot up to #6 on the top paid iPhone apps list. Interestingly enough, the application is still running a special “introductory price” for a “limited time” at $0.99. Developed by Terminal Eleven, the title is an augmented reality app that uses the iPhone camera to provide information and 3D graphics for the night sky. As for the company itself, Terminal Eleven is a fairly enigmatic American company with only a handful of simple apps for iPhone and Android.

SimplePhysics — Released March 26th, SimplePhysics is currently #8 on the top iPhone paid apps charts. Developed by Andrew Garrison, the game is the a physics-puzzle app where players attempt to construct solid structures before testing their duribility with “finger smashing.”

Dude PerfectDude Perfect — Appearing at #24 is the most recently released (March 29th) title on the list, the $0.99 Dude Perfect. The game is essentially an over-the-top game of Horse, without the letters, as players attempt to make absurd shots by bouncing a basketball off obsticles. The developer is the Arizona-based BlackBox Interactive. More than just a games developer, the company also provides a targeted network of advertisements, analytics, and tools, as well as its Real Rewards program that awards players for in-game achievements.

Flick Football Super Save — Released mid-March, the game Flick Football Super Save has slowly worked it’s way up the iPhone paid app charts to reach #44. Using touch controls, players play a goalie, saving goals from a first person perspective. The title is developed by Neon Play, a smaller company, based out of the UK, that focuses, currently, on iPhone games. Flick Football currently runs $0.99.

Tap DJ – Mix and Scratch your Music — It’s not a new app, released in January, but is still an intial release version. Tap DJ has broken into the top charts, at #48 with a special “weekend sale,” making the app cost only $0.99 (half-off). The application is developed by Laan Labs, a 2009-founded company of two brothers, Christopher and Jason Laan, and creates applications for iPhone, Android, web, and desktop. As for the app itself, it is a virtual DJ console that allows users to fully DJ their music library.

New Titles Within Top 50 iPad Paid Apps List

Death RallyDeath Rally — Starting things off for iPad is the #9 app Death Rally; released March 31st. This $0.99 top-down racer is actually made by a Finnish, core-game developer, Remedy Games. Past titles have included the original Death Rally (1996), Max Payne, and most recently, Alan Wake.

Luxor: Amun Rising HD — Released March 24th, Luxor: Amun Rising HD is only temporarily $0.99 as the game’s developer, MumboJumbo is running a limited-time 90% off special for all of its games. It has been enough, to raise the game to #21. The title is a match-three sort of puzzle game, reminscient of PopCap’s Zuma app. As for MumboJumbo, they are a, roughly, five-year-old company based out of Dallas, but with offices in both Los Angeles and Vladivostok, Russia. A developer of casual games, they have titles on iOS, PC, web, and consoles.

TrainzTrainz Simulator — Trainz Simulator is an older game from December that we’ve not seen on the iPad top lists, yet today it appears at #22. A game involving the set up and running of a railroad, the $0.99 title advertises no sales, nor has ever been updated, making it’s sudden rise a curious one. However, the app does note a 10th anniversary. Its developer is N3V Games, and Australian independent games publisher with titles across almost every gaming platform.